Okay guys, who doesn't love a good ice coffee! This recipe was inspired from my trip to Vietnam a few years ago.  One of my most memorable coffees was from a little cafe called Cong. We sat on the streets of Hanoi, sipped our heavenly Vietnamese frappuccino and spoke of HOW unbelievable this drink was. I mean come on, a coconut & coffee slushy? Why hadn't I thought of that! This slushy so rich and creamy, yet refreshing not to mention offered up all the benefits of that coffee buzz ( I believe they call that a win, win, WIN). So a few years later, I figured it was about time I recreated this beauty of a drink and shared it with all my FRIENDS. Hope you guys enjoy!


makes two short glasses

1 can coconut milk (frozen in an ice cube tray)

2 cups of ice cubes

4 TBS condensed milk

2 shots of espresso (I use my nespresso machine)




1. Prepare two short shots of espresso. This should be done first to allow them to cool down before pouring over the slushy. 

2. Place frozen coconut milk, ice and condensed milk in a high speed blender and blend till smooth and has a slushy consistency (if heat from the blender has made the slushy too watery, simply add more ice, blend and adjust sweetness by adding more condensed milk). 

2. Pour the coconut slushy into desired serving glass and pour cooled espresso shot overtop. Serve with a straw and enjoy!