Belon-Home Style French food that will rock your world 


Dieters, we can all agree that there is nothing better than a home cooked meal complete with all the fixings! Roasted meat, potatoes, veggies (to name a few), it really doesn't get much better than that! Now, that being said, since moving to Hong Kong, not only have I lacked a key factor in the "home cooked meal equation" (cough* an oven...) but I have also found myself tapping into the plethora of Asian eats available (seeing as there is no shortage). So with my home cooking taking an all time low and my consumption of Asian food taking an all time high, an ever so large gap formed in my hungry heart for a proper home style meal. Now fortunately for me, Belon managed to fill this gap with some of the BEST home style (french) cooking I have ever had...sorry mom! Belon is a chic contemporary neo-parisian bistro (headed up by widely acclaimed chef James Henry) serving up locally influenced french cuisine. Think Hong Kong chicken and Hokkaido scallops served up with an elegant and oh so delicious french flare. Refusing to outsource one of the most important parts of french cuisine, the bread, you better believe Belon really and truly serves up a true slice of Paris. Located on Elgin street in Soho, Belon's chic and simple decor really does complete the whole French feel (oh and a bottle of wine doesn't hurt either ;) )

After dining and delighting my way through this lovely meal, I found myself asking the question, why haven't I made way to dine on these delectible french dishes sooner? Well, I wish I could provide you with a better answer than, I didn't  know... I know I know, poor excuse but it's the truth. Belon had only hit my radar after having visited the highly recommended Chinese restaurant Hoo Lee Fook (which is also a part of the never disappointing black sheep restaurant group, among other favorites such as Motorino, Maison Libanaise and you guessed it, Belon). This super cool Chinese restaurant, (which may I add,  ROCKED my world), was recommended to me by a friend. So as I'm sure you can imagine, I begged her for any and all other reccomendations! Fortunately she has good taste and directed me in way of Belon!

Country style bread with salted Normandy butter

This one is a definite must! This thick cut bread is housemade on the daily, so yeah, she good (not to mention a thick slab of salted butter never hurt nobody ;) )!





Matsutake royale with  fresh sudachi

Now, being the type of person who would rather try a plethora of dishes and share them all, we went against the waiters reccomendations of ordering two of these dishes... Not our smartest move. This bite sized dish of mushrooms flavoured with sudachi (a Japanese citrus fruit used to flavour dishes similar to that of lemon or lime) was packed full of flavour. This dish was light and refreshing. Our only regret was having about two bites each... Lesson learned.


Hokkaido Scallop with seaweed butter

If there is one thing I am a sucker for, it's proper scallops. I mean come on, can't we all agree that there is nothing better than a succulent scallop? Let me say, this bad boy was nothing short of perfection. So tender and cooked immaculately, this scallop was oh so flavourful (not to mention, who hates eating a fatty scallop out of a bad ass shell? Not me, that's for sure)!









Mackerel with daikon, apple and peas

 If you're into mackerel this one is for you. This fish was seared and seasoned super nicely. Being anything but overcooked this fish was light and refreshing not to mention made all the tastier when topped with apple and peas. Now, Ella found that this guy a bit too fishy for her liking but I thought it was ace! So if your not the biggest fish fan, I would stick to the roasted meat varieties.... Cause, well as you are about to find out, they are TASTY!



Whole roasted chicken with Petits Pois à La Française

Wow. Just wow. I really don't have any other words to describe this glorious beast. Now before moving to Hong Kong, the site of a whole roasted chicken (particularly including the head and feet) would have been a tad unsettling, but this beauty was anything but a turn off. This bird was first brined then filled and flavoured beneath the skin with spinach and mushroom farce (made of chicken liver, tarragon, mushrooms, spinach and butter-obviously). As we munched on this beauty, we savoured and awed at the amount of deliciousness going on. I kid you not, this was undoubtedly the best chicken we have ever consumed... Like ever. So tender and so flavourful. So dieters, do yourself a favour, and order this whole bird would ya?




Petits Pois à La Française

   Okay this might change your life. These peas are served on the creamiest bed of mashed potatoes and topped with crispy lettuce. This whole dish was so tasty and the perfect accompaniment to this amazing chicken!




Palet D'Or

  Chocolate lovers get pumped. But seriously... This cake was amazing. With some seriously chocolate layers and topped with edible gold, this chic dessert is the ultimate end to a delicious meal.

So dieters, if your looking for your french fix in Hong Kong, DON'T miss Belon!

Belon, 41 Elgin St, Central, Hong Kong

You stay hungry Hong Kong!

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!