Okay dieters, let's not even TRY to pretend that we don't care about Instagramable food... This is the 21st century. Whether you're a foodie or not, we live in a world that runs off of visual stimulation, and lemme tell you, a bad ass milkshake photo has definitely gotten it's fair share of  likes, comments  and who knows maybe even a follow or two. As much as I LOVE traveling and stumbling upon hot spots I would be lying to you if  I didn't tell you that I do a hell of alot of my pre-travel food research via Instagram. It's basically my starting grounds for many of my must try spots! Instagram aside, it is always super exciting checking out a buzzing spot that people are talking or posting about. Now if you're like me and seem to follow almost all of the food bloggers in NYC, you'll know that NYC is a goldmine for foodies, food photographers and well your everyday Instagrammer!  Having spent a fair amount of time in NYC, I can tell you one thing that there is definitely no shortage of food concepts, unique restaurants and food that is just WAY too cool. So "grammers",  here's some of my favourite colourful Instagram hot spots in NYC!

1.Sweets by Chloe

Okay where do I even start on this one. I LOVE everything about the by CHLOE restaurants. Chloe Cascarelli, the chef behind by CHLOE has created an insanely cool (and DELICIOUS) food empire focused on creating fast, affordable and a completely plant-based menu. With locations across New York, Boston and Los Angeles by CHLOE serves up a delicious variety of fast food favs (think air baked sweet potato fries with tempeh-lentil-chia-walnut burgers served with beet ketchup and served on a potato bun... YUM) to deliciously nutritious breakfasts (we had the delicious smoothie bowl topped with granola, bananas, apples blueberries, goji berries, chia seeds, coconut and almond butter which was FAB). What I love most about this concept is that by CHLOE continues to prove that healthy food doesn't have to be boring. Now besides her fabulous by CHLOE restaurants, by CHLOE also has an incredibly cool bakery called Sweets by CHLOE. Serving up a variety of cookies, cakes, pies and cupcakes, this adorably girly cafe is perfect for an outing with your bestie or a quick snap for insta (pictured beside is the vegan lemon raspberry cupcake)!

Sweets by CHLOE, 185 BLEECKER ST, NEW YORK, NY 10012, USA







2. Union Fare

Located in the heart of Union Square, Union Fare is a modern Gastro Hall serving up some VERY pretty pastries (among a plethora of other things). With a variety of food stalls, this large cafeteria-like restaurant (spanning a full NYC city block) is packed with a variety of eats, drinks and my personal fav colourful croissants! From Matcha to Fruity Pebbles these croissant flavs are off the chart and worth the pic! Now along with that, Union Fare serves up a variety of beautiful smashed toast - think butternut squash topped with goat cheese and pecans, burrata with tomatoes and balsamic and one VERY pretty avocado toast.  Now if you are coming to Union Fare with the desire to sit down and be served, think again, Union Fare is more of a modern cafeteria but is nonetheless worth the trip. (Pictured beside is the birthday cake croissant and the red velvet croissant). 

Union Fare, 6 E 18TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10003, USA




3. Black Tap 

We've all undoubtedly witnessed the rise of the freakshake over the last few years, and there's no denying that these bad boys cannot be consumed without a snap or two! With 4 locations across NYC, Black Tap serves up a variety of burgers and crazy shakes! Often accompanied with a ridiculous lineup, I can tell you that these bad boys are worth both the calories and the lineup! Having waited an hour in line (in NYC winter... joys) we we're all the more excited to get our hands on these sweet shakes! We sipped on the Sour Power, the Brooklyn Blackout the Sweet & Salty (pictured beside), and the Cotton Candy Shake. So long story short, if you're doin' it for the insta, Black Tap is the place for you!

Black Tap, 136 W 55TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10019









4. The Bagel Store

Despite NYC being jam packed with bagel shops, we took it upon ourselves to track down these babelicious bagels. Located in Brooklyn, The Bagel Store is no different than your average bagel shop except for the fact that their bagels are far prettier, not to mention accompanied with an extremely impressive array of homemade cream cheese spreads. Serving up their instafamous rainbow bagels along with a variety of other deliciously beautiful bagels and cragels (The Bagel Store's hybrid half bagel half croissant) this store is sure to satisfy your Big Apple bagel craving. Oh, and did I mention that they have red velvet cream cheese...? 

Now among the many bagels to choose from, we munched on the "Breaking Bad Crystal Blueberry" bagel with funfetti cream cheese, the rainbow bagel with cannoli cream cheese and we even snuck in the "Black and White Truffle Infused" bagel with truffle eggs, bacon, cheddar and avocado... It was insane. 









5. Momofuku milk bar

As part of the well known Momofuku group, Milk Bar is one of the most popular bakery/ice cream spots in NYC. Momofuku gained traction from their innovative Chef (Christina Tosi) and her genius creations including cereal milk™ ice cream (ice cream that is literally made of milk that's been soaked with cereal), compost cookies®  (containing pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, graham cracker, butterscotch and chocolate chips) and crack pie®! Among these brilliant creations, Milk Bar also serves up what might be the TASTIEST Birthday Cake Truffles. With locations all over NYC (along with Locations in Toronto, Washington DC, Las Vegas) there's no reason not to check out this hot spot! Now if you're lookin for a fun way to spend an evening or an afternoon, Milk Bar offers classes where you can learn to make their gorgeous cakes and truffles! 

Milk Bar, 15W 56TH ST, NY 10019









6. Kellogg's NYC

Anyone else capable of eating cereal for pretty much any and all meals? Yeah same. Well, if you love cereal as much as I do, this joint is worth the visit (read more about my experience here). Serving up a variety of your favourite Kellogg's cereals in a number of different ways. From milkshakes to yogurt parfaits these sweet treats can be breakfast or dessert! What I love about Kellogg's NYC is that they make cereal eating an experience. With wild flavour combinations (think Birthday Cake Cereal - Frosted Flakes topped with cake mix, vanilla syrup and rainbow sprinkles to Life in Color- Fruit Loops topped with marshmallows, passion fruit jelly and lime zest) and creative spins on your favourite childhood breakfasts,  this cafe is worth checking out! 






Well, time to get snappin' dieters! NYC is full of beautiful food!

You stay hungry and remember, your diet starts tomorrow!