Scotland you lush green beauty you! Seriously people, if you're lookin' for endless rolling hills, the greenest of grass and well, most likely a whole lotta rain- (but hey, all for the cause am I right?) Get yourself over to Scotland STAT. Now prior to moving to the U.K. I can't say Scotland was high on my list of places to visit ( although it WAS still on the list ha) but I suppose that is entirely due to the fact that my "to-go" list is HELLA LONG. Needless to say, I am now eating my words and ready and willing to push my peeps to get their a** over to Scotland. 

Now we all know that the best travel destinations seem to be ones offering up a good meal and a photo worthy pic or two, and let me tell you Scotland is definitely not shy of Kodak moments and prior to contrary beliefs, Haggis really is quite delicious. Having spent 10 days in this lovely green haven, we made our way around  Edinburgh, Glasgow and even trekked to the coast all in the name of SEAFOOD. So friends, without further a due, here's what eats can't be missed when travelling to Scotland! 


Tantrum Doughnuts

Okay first things first, y'all know I LOVE me some good doughnuts. That being the case, I NEVER miss an opportunity to seek out a new doughnut shop. I know I know, it's not exactly the most cultural excursion to go out and find doughnuts when in a new city, but I mean come on, a few doughnuts never hurt nobody. SO, stop one in Glasgow you ask? Tantrum Doughnuts. 

This quaint shop located on Old Dumbarton Road serves up a variety of uniquely flavoured handmade doughnuts. Now these doughnuts are undoubtedly worth the insta pic but to be quite frank, not all were created equal ( if you know what I mean). Some were amazing (such as this beauty seen above) others, not exactly worth the calories. My fav of the bunch though was definitely this Pistachio and hibiscus doughnut. Majority of the others were, well, your standard donuts. 

Tantrum Doughnuts, 27 Old Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow G3 8RD




Oban Seafood Hut



Foodies I kid you not, the 2.5 hour drive from Glasgow to Oban is worth EVERY MINUTE OF THE WINDING ROADS (yes yes I know, I made the foolish error of forgetting to take my car sick travel pill... but oh well). Now despite the dips and turns (and occasional nausea) the drive is absolutely stunning not to mention Oban is a charming coastal town where FIERCELY FRESH seafood is served for CHEAP... so yeah... WORTH IT. Basically, we came, we FEASTED and we returned home in the same day ( so yes, we drove 5 hours all in the name of seafood, but come on, can you blame us?) My favs of the day were undoubtedly the oysters. I'm not even kidding they were SO delicious. I practically finished off the dozen by myself... YIKES. Other highlights were the scallops, the lobster (OBVI- I mean just look at that bad boy and the mussels. All in all 10 outta 10, would risk getting carsick again. 

Oban Seafood Hut, Calmac Pier, Oban PA34 4DB





Urban Angel Cafe

Having arrived in Edinburgh on one rainy Wednesday, the first thing on our agenda was BRUNCH. Fortunately, we checked out Urban Angel Cafe which was divine. This adorable cafe was the perfect start to (yet another) rainy day in Scotland. Serving up some DELICIOUS freshly baked brioche french toast (topped with a pile of bacon), tasty acai bowls and of course the necessities... COFFEE. All in all, we definitely kicked this day off right. 

Urban Angel Cafe,  121 Hanover St, Edinburgh EH2 1DJ


I know I know, what's so special about a pulled pork sandwich? Believe me, those were my thoughts exactly, but having been recommended this porky hot spot by a handful of folks, I figured, it must be worth checking out. With locations around Edinburgh, Oink is a simple sandwich shop that specializes in one thing, and one thing only. HOG ROASTS.

Now, don't be surprised when greeted by a full on roasted pig in the window, I mean put it this way, at least you know where your food's coming from (am I right?). This joint is backed by local Scottish pig farmers, so you better believe this meat is hella tasty and roasted to perfection. Now despite only serving up pulled pork sandwiches, feel free to make it your own with some careful selection of sauces and stuffings ! From sweet chilli jam to roasted apples, hell, if you're feelin' adventurous, why not vouch for the haggis stuffing ontop? (I mean when in Scotland right?). 

Oink, 34 Victoria St, Edinburgh EH1 2JW




The Doric

Now a trip to Scotland certainly wouldn't be complete without at least one or two Haggis sightings. Having never tried haggis before I was both eager and hesitant to try this Scottish classic made up of sheep offal minced with onion, liver, oatmeal and encased in the animals stomach... I know I know, not to the most appetizing of descriptions but never the less, tradition is tradition.  Now I'm sure it's like anything where there are a lot of delicious versions and a lot of, well, not so delicious ones. Fortunately my experience with haggis was delightful. Served with a side of neeps and tatties aka (mashed potatoes and mashed turnips) and topped with a whiskey jus, this haggis was light, flavourful and TBQH, I polished off the whole plate by myself... So yeah.

Guys, next time you're in Edinburgh, definitely hit up The Doric, (aka Edinburgh's oldest gastro pub built in the 17th century). Not into the whole haggis idea, The Doric also serves up a variety of pub favourites, not to mention one of the MOST DELICIOUS sticky toffee pudding to finish off the night. 

The Doric, 15-16 Market St, Edinburgh EH1 1DE


Mary's Milk Bar



Now, we all know every good vacation involves some form of ice cream well, daily... Look it up. It's in the vacation handbook,  trust me. Naturally having heard nothing but good things about Mary's Milk Bar, we had to check it out. With a handful of ever changing flavours made on the daily this gelato shop definitely needs to be added to the official Edinburgh to do list. Now we were told that the Hot Chocolate float was worth trying (hot chocolate with your choice of a gelato scoop inside- seen beside) but in my opinion, it just made the ice cream melt and the hot chocolate cold... So lose lose if you ask me. But never the less, each on their own was delish. So check it out!

Mary's Milk Bar, 19 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2HS







Well friends, hopefully that gave you a wee insight into this beautiful country and some of their tasty eats! So bring your appetite (and your umbrella) and add Scotland to your hit list!

You stay hungry, and remember,

Your diet starts tomorrow!