You guys, I'm gonna start off by saying, Kyoto is fantastic. It  is one of the most cultural and vibrant cities I have ever been to. Now despite being full of culture and tradition, Kyoto is still a modern and working city in Japan. What I love about that is that, while remaining relevant and modern it has managed to maintain and preserve it's immensely beautiful culture. With cobblestone roads, historic tea houses and gorgeous temples Kyoto is the best place to step back in time and experience what Japan might have been like many many years ago. Now we spent 4 days in Kyoto and 1 Day in Nara. If you like deer and want to play with them, I highly suggest you take a day trip to Nara. Now besides visiting some of Kyoto's most beautiful temples including Kinkaku-ji  (also know as the “Golden Pavilion") Kiyomizudera (also known as the "Pure Water Temple") we had sone of our favourite eats and treats in the heart of Kyoto! So dieters, here is my breakdown on what can't be missed when visiting one of Japans most hsitoric cities. 


I'm pretty sure these guys speak for themselves! Look at how gorgeously fluffy and delicious they look!  These beautiful pancakes made from meringue and served with butter, whip cream and maple syrup are absolutely DELICIOUS. So light and fluffy and simply melt in your mouth.Now, if I'm being honest, these guys were a bit tricky to get our hands on. Why you ask? Well these bad boys are SO popular that Gram (a pancake cafe with over 20 locations across Japan) serves a limited quantity 3 times a day at 11am, 3pm and 6pm. SO if you arrive outside of these hours, there's no guarantee that you will get to sink your teeth into these pillows. Serving 20 portions at the allocated times, these babies sell out FAST so make sure you get there early because they will undoubtedly change your life! 

Souffle Pancakes ¥ 950 YEN, or $8 USD


Try these bad boys at Cafe Gram & Pancakes in Kyoto!

Cafe Gram & Pancakes, 601 Nishiuoyacho, 2F Mizuno Bldg, Kyoto 604-8142, Kyoto Prefecture






This cake is amazing. Famous in Kyoto, you can undoubtedly find it pretty much anywhere. From gift shops to  train stations, this cake is a popular souvenir from Kyoto (and rightfully so)! What makes this cake SO delicious is it is thick (yet consists of MANY thin layers) and so moist. Unlike other roll cakes, this guy doen't have any cream filling, but believe me you won't miss it! This cake is seriously amazing. Now if you are wandering around the streets of Kyoto you might even stumble upon the place where the magic happens.... The Kyo Cafe Gion Sakai. Here you can see how they make this beautiful roll cake, sample this cake, and buy as MANY cakes as your little heart desires (along with many other variations of this popular treat). 

Baumkuchen- ¥ 1,166 YEN or $10 USD

Try it at Kyo Cafe Gion Sakai!

Kyo Cafe Gion Sakai,  388-1 Nakagyo Ward Kyoto, 604-8214 Kyoto Prefecture









Soba is a very popular dish in Japan. It is often available as a "fast food" option in train stations but can also be a more formal sit down meal. Soba noodles are made of  buckwheat and can be found across Japan. Soba noodles are often an alternative to Japan's ever popular Udon noodles (which are thick noodles made from wheat). Soba can be served either in a hot broth or chilled with a dipping sauce. Seen above are cold oroshi soba noodles topped with grated radish, radish sprouts, seaweed and served with a dipping sauce. To eat these refreshing noodles you add about 80% of the dipping sauce to the noodles and stir (adding your desired amount of wasabi and Japanese leeks). Once you have finished eating your noodles, you give your cup/bowl to the server who will then return with the broth used to cook the soba noodles called Sobayu. Sobayu is hot water that contains a lot of the nutrients of the soba. 

Oroshi Soba- ¥ 880 YEN or $8 USD

Try this dish at one of Kyoto's many soba restaurants!  Unfortunately I do not have the english  name of the restaurant but see to the right for the Japanese Name and address (aka. ask a local ;) )











Also found at the above restaurant is udon.... and I LOVE udon. Udon is a very popular dish and can be found at many spots around Kyoto. These thick chewy wheat noodles always hit the spot! This particular bowl was Tanuki Udon, stuffed with thick udon noodles, green onion, deep-fried tofu and a thick delicious broth. SO GOOD. Do not leave Japan without face planting into a few of these delectable bowls!  

Tanuki Udon- ¥680 YEN or $5 USD










One of the craziest meals we came across in Kyoto was a beautiful sit down 13 course meal (in a traditional setting) consisting only of different types of tempura. This was tempura unlike anything I had ever seen before. Accompanied with two seasonings, one being green tea powder (matcha) and the other being salt. The gentlemen would guide you which seasoning was appropriate for which tempura, and let me tell you it was absolutely delicious. Serving up everything  "tempura-ed"  from bread with shrimp paste, to sea ell, shiitake mushroom (seen below) and small trout (seen beside).  This was a dining experience for the books! So if you are in Kyoto, make sure you check it out!  If you are looking for a better price, make sure you go at lunch as it is much cheaper than the dinner set menu.

13 Course Tempura Meal- ¥ 5,500 YEN or $47 USD

Try it at Tempura Endo Yasaka Gion/Kyoto!

Tempura Endo, 566 Komatsu-cho Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Japan 605-0811


Tonkatsu is a popular Japanese dish consisting of breaded deep-fried pork cutlet. This pork is unlike any other deep fried food I've tasted. It is super crispy and crunchy and is absolutely DELICIOUS when served with Japanese curry (made of onions carrots and potatoes). This curry is slightly sweet but packed full of flavour. We had this dish at one of Japan's popular fast food chains called Curry House CoCo ICHIBANYA

Tonkatsu curry- ¥698 YEN or $6 USD

1-1-25, Fujinokidai, Nara-shi, Nara, 631-0044




Well dieters, that's it thats all for my MUST eats in Kyoto!

You stay hungry and remember, your diet starts tomorrow!





Carly Hamilton