1. Ten Foot Henry

Ten Foot Henry is a cultural icon of sorts in Calgary, the ten foot bald man (pictured beside) has made it's way around Calgary's art scene for years and is now the new "mascot" (if you will) for one of Calgary's newest and coolest restaurants. With an enticing decor that encompasses greenery,  wooden table tops, and a ten foot long marble counter where diners can sit, Ten Foot Henry is the perfect place for a night out or a quick lunch (via their grab and go shop called Little Henry). Ten Foot Henry works to make healthy food delicious and enticing. With vegetable dishes that WILL change how you view your greens, I can guarantee you will be coming back for more! With everything in the restaurant served family style, make sure you bring your friends to try out these delicious dishes including their roasted carrots with avocado and pistachios, tomatoes and whipped feta and many more!

Ten Foot Henry

1209 1st Street SW, Calgary AB T2R 0V3

(403) 475-5537


2. Raw Eatery & market

Raw Eatery & Market is a fully vegan restaurant serving up some SERIOUSLY tasty raw dishes. Now i'll admit, I'm not always sold on the statement that raw/vegan eats can taste as delicious as regular home cooked meals but I will be the first to say that these boss business babes are changing my mind! Having opened in the summer of 2016, Ali Magee and Megan Pope continue to surprise me with their incredibly delicious and nutritious menu. Now when you check out this joint (located in Kensington) don't miss the Broken Burrito and the Kale Mary! The cashew sour cream on The Broken Burrito is AMAZING. So overall huge fan. 

Raw Market & Eatery

1145 Kensington Crescent NW, Calgary AB T2N1X7 

(780) 222, 7519 




3. Shiki Menya

Okay so anyone who follows my Instagram account knows that I'm a bit of a ramen addict!  Fortunately for me after moving back to YYC from Hong Kong, I was DELIGHTED to see that their were ramen joints popping up all over the place!  Having tried out a few of the ramen spots (with a LONG list to go), Shiki Menya definitely satisfies the craving  when you need that ramen fix! With gigantic bowls and a variety of different broths, toppings and  tasty appetizers Shiki Menya is definitely upping Calgary's ramen scene but make sure you get there early because they close when they sell out of bowls which is approximately around 3 or 4pm  (they sell approx 150 bowls per day). Now if I'm being honest it doesn't quite live up to the ramen from well Japan, but none the less it's still super delicious and worth checking out this year!

Shiki Menya

 827 1st Ave NE, T2E 0C3

(403) 454-2722


4. Paper St

Looking for some of YYC's most "Instagrammable" dishes, you gotta check out Paper Street! Paper St is about serving up delicious and unique dishes that encompass street food from around the world! What I love about Paper St is that they are firm believers that one of the most important and memorable factors of travel is food, and frankly I couldn't agree more! I mean come on what  better way to experience a country than from tasting and trying their street food! So yeah, I LOVE seeing bits and pieces of food from all over the globe poppin up on their menu! Some of their menu standouts include their ramen burgers, Chicken and waffle cones and one of my favs, the Nacho Tots (pictured beside) they've pretty much got something for everyone!  

Paper St

#102-630 8th Ave SW, Calgary AB, T2P1G6

                                                                                                                                              (403) 457 2700


5. The Nash

Okay first off let me say, I am a huge fan of Michael Noble, so as you can imagine, after having dined at his restaurant NOtaBLE multiple times (aka home to the best roasted chicken ever) I was eager to check out his other work! Now I know it's been open for a few years but having spent the last year over seas, I was a bit out of touch! 

Located in the historic National Hotel in Inglewood, The Nash was one of my favourite restaurants in YYC in 2016. With an open dining room that is clean and simple yet classy and elegant, you can stop in for a drink or dress up for a night out! The bottomline is that the Nash serves up food that is absolutely delicious! Pictured beside is the Char Grilled Pacific Octopus served with confit potatoes, chorizo and avocado creama... Need I say more?

The Nash

925 11th Street SE, Calgary AB, T2G0R4

(403) 984-3365



SO Dieters, I hope you get a chance to check out these hot joints! 

You stay hungry, and remember...

Your diet starts tomorrow!