Okay dieters, no more denying, the holiday season is here and in full swing! That means no more putting off you Christmas shopping and holiday baking it’s time to get in the spirit… NOW!

So anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Christmas and all the festivities that come along with it! From decorating to gingerbread baking to binge watching Christmas films (particularly White Christmas or ELf) if it involves Holiday Spirit, I’m THERE. Now, that being said, there are areas of the holidays that we ALL could use a little guidance on, particularly, gift shopping! I mean, let’s face it, holiday shopping seems to get harder every year! Perhaps it has something to do with the numerous amounts of useless gifts on the market that no one needs or wants cough* shake weight*. Now despite the plethora of ridiculous gifts, I figured this girl could help you navigate the gift waters for the foodies in your life so that you get a whole lotta “WOW how’d you know?!” instead of “Umm.. what is it?”’s.

Now before diving in head first, we gotta recognize that there are a few different types of foodies out there! We have those hands on foodies who love to create in the kitchen, and the ones who love any and all things related to food!  I like to think I am pretty much smack bang in the middle. I love pulling out the ole KitchenAid mixer and whipping up a fresh batch of shortbread, but I equally love a good clothing item stamped with french fries, eggs or “Brunch”. So needless to say I love anything that has to do with FOOD!

So that being said, I hope this gift guide gets all your foodies EXACTLY what they want for Christmas!

First up:

1. Best Advent Calendar- 24 Days of Tea by Davids Tea

What better way to get in the holiday spirit than with this ADORABLE advent calendar by David’s Tea! Filled with 24 different samplings of David’s delicious teas, what better way to a) get in the spirit of Christmas and b) sample a variety of teas before investing in a large tin! #Winning. These bad boys tend to fly off the shelves so you can either order them here or find them in stores!

2. Coolest Cookbook- Tasty The Cookbook

Okay so let’s be honest everybody LOVES the Tasty videos on Facebook! Whether you’re a foodie or not, anyone can spare 30 seconds to watch these delicious dishes in action! Now this is one of the things on this list that I am most excited about! You can customize your book online by choosing your 7 most desired recipe sections with each section containing 7 of Tasty’s most popular recipes! On top of that, Tasty the Cookbook enables you to write a customized message to your foodie (not to mention it comes complete with a Tasty apron)! Create your own right here!

3. Favourite Classic Cookbook- The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook by Ina Garten

No matter how many recipes I’ve tried or pins I’ve stumbled upon on Pinterest, if I am looking for a foolproof delicious recipe I ALWAYS come back to Ina! Every cookbook I have of hers is practically perfect and filled with delightful classics! Her recipes are awesome for dinner parties and her baked goodies are to die for! My favs in this book are definitely the  baked virginia ham, coconut cupcakes, the chocolate buttercream cake,  cranberry harvest muffins and the maple-oatmeal scones! Get yours here!






Now for the beauty obsessed foodie!



This gorgeous eye palette is such a fabulous gift for the holidays! Packed with 16 matte and shimmer eye shadows (perfect for any holiday occasion)  with playful and delicious names such as Triple Fudge, Crème Brulee and Black Forest Truffle this is  GUARANTEED to get any foodie who LOVES makeup pumped! Oh and did I mention, it SMELLS like chocolate?! Find yours here!

5. Favourite Body Wash- Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

Now this is what I call a triple threat! Shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath, what more can a person want? Oh and did I mention it  smells INCREDIBLE?! Now I personally don’t use this bad boy in my hair but I LOVE it as a shower gel! It fills my whole bath room with freshly baked goodness and makes for a perfect stocking stuffer! Get yours here!






Looking for Something to do together? Why not try a cooking class!

6. Most Unique Cooking class- Macaron Baking at Ollia

What better way to spend an evening together than baking and learning the art of french macarons! This class is a 2.5 hour and costs $100 per person! Ollia covers everything you need to know to make  macarons and better yet, you get to take an abundance home after your class! SO my friends that’s what we call a win-win! Sign up for your class here!

7. Best Shoes- Circus by Sam Edelman

Okay, if you DON’T live in a heavy winter climate or are planning on hittin’ the beach this winter you MUST check out Sam Edelman’s collection of slip-on Espadrilles. With hilarious sayings including Fries B4 Guys , Rose All Day and a variety of other adorable slogans, you are going to want to get your hand on a pair of these! Oh and BTW the Circus by Sam Edelman website offers free shipping and free returns!  Order your pair here!








8. Most Hilarious Purse- The Egg purse

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 8.05.07 PM.png

Now I’m not sure what I love more about this purse, the fact that it’s an egg or the reactions I get whenever I wear it! This over the shoulder bag is SO FUN. It can be worn casually or makes for a funky statement piece when going out! Shop this adorable fried egg here!












Okay foodies, we all know we have a MILLION things to get done in a day, and I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the most organized person! Fortunately I use this baby all the time! From scheduling dinners and events to setting my goals for the month the Erin Condren Life Planner is seriously AMAZING! You can customize your planner exactly how you like it!  You can choose from a variety of interchangeable covers along with the colour of your coil and even the layout that you like best! It’s such a great gift, especially as we head into the new year! Start designing yours here!

10. Best Matte Lipstick- Kylie Lip Kit

If you have yet to try the Kylie Jenner lip kits what better time to gift it or try it for yourself! These lip sticks first off taste like candy and look SO nice on! With a variety of matte, glossy or metallic lip sticks to choose from there is definitely one for EVERY occasion! For an everyday look I wear the Koko Matte lip kit (which I LOVE, it is definitely my go-to colour) but for the holidays I am tapping into the Merry Matte lip kit! Shop the Merry Lip kit here!





11. Favourite Kitchen Luxury- KitchenAid Artisan® Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Okay so I KNOW I am not the first person to recommend this beautiful mixer, but let me tell you, if you are a baker of any form this is seriously life changing! I absolutely ADORE mine ( I have the colour shown above) and I love having any excuse to fire it up! Whether you are whipping cream, kneading dough of mixing up a cake this is seriously the best gift you can buy your kitchen lover. Available in over 20 colours this is the perfect statement piece for your kitchen no matter what colour! Now why I love this gift, well, it paves the way for MANY more related gifts! This mixer attaches to a variety of other Kitchen Aid accessories! We’re talkin ice cream makers and pasta rollers so yeah… BEST. GIFT. EVER. Find your                                                                                                                fav colour here!

Now onto the next one. This is something suitable for ANY and ALL cooks because trust me, EVERYONE needs a good cast iron skillet…. Especially if you’re into skillet cookies 

12. Favourite Stove Top Pan: Le Creuset Iron Handle Skillet

So dieters, if you don’t know the difference between a regular frying pan and a cast iron pan, allow me to clear the air. A cast iron pan is a naturally non-stick pan  perfect for cooking  on both your stop top as well as in your oven. This Le Creuset pan doesn’t require ANY seasoning and comes in a variety of beautiful colours! Get yours here!

13. Favourite Way to Puree: KitchenAid 2- Speed Hand Blender

Available in 12 different colours this hand blender is super inexpensive and perfect for those quick purees and easy soups! My favourite thing about this blender is that it’s the best way to blend soup right in the pot. I made butternut squash soup that needed to be sautéed and then boiled in chicken stock and this guy was perfect for blending right in the soup pot! No transfer necessary and super easy to clean! Shop yours here!






14. Favourite Cookie sheet- The Pampered Chef Stoneware Cookie Sheet

Long story short you guys, whenever I am baking, I ALWAYS reach for any of the stoneware pieces by Pampered Chef! They disperse the heat so nice and evenly  for perfectly baked  cookies every time! Get yours here!







15. Favourite Popcorn Maker- The Whirley Pop

If there is one thing I cannot live without it is my popcorn maker! I love any excuse to fire up this bad boy (especially before my Netflix dates… with myself). I especially love using coconut oil in this baby to cook my popcorn! It makes my popcorn super fluffy and gives it a nice flavour! Once popped, top your popcorn with melted coconut oil (or butter OBVIOUSLY) and salt and enjoy! One of my favourite things about this gift is that it is super fun to make a Movie Night gift basket! Include a beautiful jar of coconut oil, some popcorn kernels, your favourite movie, some popcorn seasonings (I am obsessed with the dill and white cheddar ones from Kernels), a big popcorn bowl and some movie treats! And voila! The                                                                                                                    perfect gift! Shop the Whirley Pop here!

Well dieters, I hope you enjoyed a few of my FAVOURITE things! Hopefully this gives you some  idea of what to get everyone on your list, so yeah, you’re welcome 

Merry Christmas!

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!




ryan beale