Now it's no secret that Kellogg's is one of the largest Cereal companies in the world. I don't think I would be too far off if I said, we've pretty much all (at one point or another) had a box of Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies in our pantry... Now that being said, one doesn't usually associate Kellogg's with too much beyond the cereal cabinet, so naturally when I heard of the launch of their Cafe in NYC, I NEEDED to check it out. Located in the heart of Time Square, Kellogg's NYC is a casual dining concept that takes cereal to a whole other level! Wether your stopping in for breakfast, brunch or a sweet fix, Kellogg's NYC has pretty much got a bowl that will suit just about anyones fancy.  Now I know cereal sold at restaurant prices can be a tough sell because yes, you will be paying more for your bowl of cereal than you would had you purchased a box at the grocery store, but stay with me, because trust me this is no regular cereal bowl. Kellogg's NYC takes your favourite cereals and spices them up! With a variety of cereal combinations, cereal toppings and of course cereal platforms  (including sundaes, yogurt parfaits and milkshakes) you can have your cereal any way you want (LITERALLY). 

Now one of my favourite things about Kellogg's NYC is the fact that the whole experience is nothing but fun and makes you feel like a kid! Now what I mean by this is that a) you can order any and ALL toppings on your cereal without getting the scolding from Mom (score) b) when your cereal is ready, your buzzer will flash and inform you of which numbered cabinet you can find your cereal waiting for you... AWESOME.


Dieters, my one forewarning is be prepared to have a SERIOUSLY hard time deciding what you want because the combinations are pretty insane! Think everything from Corn Flakes topped with avocado and cayenne pepper (This is the CEO's fav) to a s'mores cereal bowl (frosted flakes topped with chocolate, marshmallows and of course graham cracker crumbs).... YUM. And not only that, but Kellogg's gives you the freedom to choose your milk preference (Almond, soy skim or whole) so your cereal is exactly the way you like it!

First up:

Life in Color

This baby wuz GOOD. This bowl started with Fruit Loops topped with mini marshmallows, lime zest, and passion fruit jam. I know it sounds like it would be way too sweet but the lime zest toned the marshmallow sweetness down and was overall so tasty! 





The Corny Blues




This bowl started with Corn Pops topped with blueberry jam, lemon zest and a pinch of salt. The combination of the blueberry jam and the lemon zest was perfect. Sweet and sour all in one bite!





Now if nothing else, Kellogg's Cafe has definitely inspired me to step up my cereal game, because  LITERALLY anything goes!

You stay hungry!

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!