Okay, so you guys, if you haven't been to Seoul, you are DEFINITELY going to want to add that bad boy to your travel list. With gorgeous history, a rockin night life (check out Itaewon or Hongdae), beautiful people and some KOREALLY amazing food, it really is no surprise that I absolutely fell in love with Seoul.Seoul is one of those cities that has been top of my travel list for quite some time. I've always been fascinated  with Korean culture from the amazing people to the delicious food (obvi)!  With four weeks of vacation ahead of me, Seoul was a MUST! With four days in Seoul  and a few days on the island of Jeju, let's just say, I had a LONG list of "must tries" for my time in Korea! So yeah,  you can imagine I rarely found a moment when hunger pangs actually struck (seeing as I ate all day ery day). Now among our explorations and MANY meals, here is what can't be missed when visiting Korea! 

1. Cheese Dung Galbi- Baby Back Ribs with Cheese 치즈등갈비

 OH MY WORD WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN. This was undoubtedly one of the most delicious things I ate in Korea hands down! These spicy baby back ribs are accompanied with a PILE of shredded cheese, now lemme stop you right there, that is JUST the beginning. Once this beauty arrives at your table,  fire up the hot plate and you better believe that this beautiful pile will melt into the ooziest, gooiest, stringiest,  cheesiest pile of glory you have ever seen in your entire life. Once it has melted to PERFECTION, swipe those ribs through it and prepare to have your life changed... I'm not kidding. Find these bad boys in Hongdae, Seoul (get off at Hongik University Station).







2. Tteokbokki

 Another absolute MUST when in Korea!
Tteokbokki is often sold from street vendors but can be found in many restaurants as well! These soft rice cakes are topped with a sweet red chilli and are just all around AHMAZING.





3. Egg Bread (Gyeran Bbang 계란빵)

 Egg bread is another popular street food found in Seoul. The bread part is similar to corn bread, slightly sweet and has a cake like density and is topped with a fresh cracked egg. This guy is definitely a must but make sure you are gettin them freshhhh (some have been out too long and the egg goes a bit rubbery... I know I know no thank you).






4. Kimchi 김치


I'm not gonna sugar coat this one, you will either love or hate kimchi. I myself am OBSESSED! This spicy fermented cabbage is served as a side dish to almost everything,  so that in itself gets my PSYCHED. Now if you are wanting to buy Kimchi in bulk, you can purchase a variety of different kimchi at any of the Korean markets.





5. Kimchi dumplings

So as you can see, I am an absolute FEEN for anything Kimchi and believe me, kimchi dumplings are NO exception! Like pockets of heaven if you ask me ;) .










6. Kimchijeon 김치전 

 Kimchijeon (kimchi pancake) are doughy pancakes stuffed with kimchi, pork, green onions and pan fried till slightly crispy, so yeah... They GOOD.







7. Cham-Pong 짬뽕

 With zero english in the restaurant we literally pointed to what someone else was slurping on! Fortunately these spicy seafood noods were UNREAL, super spicy and flavourful broth filled with chewy delicious noodles and big seafood chunks!







8. Hotteok

 Hotteok is my jam! This sweet Korean pancake is a popular street food and is often stuffed with cinnamon, brown sugar, honey and peanuts and is served hot off the grill! So believe me you're, gonna want in on this action!










9. Bingsu 빙수

 Bingsu is another fav of mine! Bingsu is a Korean shave ice dessert served with a variety of sweet toppings such as fruit, condensed milk, red beans and my personal fav OREOS!








10. Foot-long ice cream

 All I can say about this one is EAT FAST ;) , oh and that Korean ice cream is SO good! It's more icy than normal ice cream but is still SUPER delicious. This guy  was strawberry flavoured, but you can get melon flavour, green tea, and a variety of others!









11. Bibimbap 비빔밥

 If you don't know about bibimbap NOW YOU KNOW. I have been OBSESSED with bibimbap ever since moving to Asia, so you better believe I got my fair share whilst in Korea. Bibimbap is a mixed rice dish, served in a bowl or a hot stone dish (my preference is hot stone so you get crispy rice on the bottom-which is the best part if you ask me) topped with sautéed vegetables, chilli pepper paste, beef and a raw or fried egg (depending on whether it's served in a hot stone). Give this bad box a proper mix and enjoy!








12. Korean fried chicken 양념 치킨

 This bad boy was purchased at the Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market on Jeju Island and let me tell you, it was UNREAL. This was no ordinary KFC (Korean fried chicken), with Jeju being famous for their oranges, this was mandarin orange chicken. This chicken was tossed in a sweet and spicy orange sauce containing tiny pieces of orange rind making it sweet, spicy and tangy all in one bite... YUM.








13. Gimbap 김밥

Gimbap is basically Koreas version of sushi. Gimbap was derived during the Japanese occupation of Korea and since then has become a very popular Korean dish/snack. Gimbap is filled with egg, beef or chicken, ham, vegetables and pickled radish.



14. Korean BBQ 고기구이



 Korean BBQ is the BEST. This is definitely a dining experience that should not be missed in Korea! Korean BBQ consists of cooking a variety of different meats over a gas or charcoal stove in the center of your table. The most common meats used are Bulgogi or Galbi which is Beef or short ribs. If you make it to Jeju make sure you try their black pork (shown above) cause it is hella tasty and flavourful. Now meat aside, Korean BBQ is served with lettuce or cabbage to wrap the meat, spicy scallion salad to top the meat and of course KIMCHI.





15. Makegolli


 SO I know when you think Korean alcohol, everyone jumps to soju... Well, if you would rather not drink rubbing alcohol I suggest you try out this bad boy! This Korean fav is a sweet milky rice wine that comes in a variety of flavours and contains about 6-8% alcohol. We sipped on the green apple flavour and it was SO good. Served super cold in these adorable frosty dishes, it was nothing but refreshing and a little TOO drinkable if you know what I mean ;)


P.S Make sure you check out the Korean Convenience stores for some AMAZING drinks and snacks!!! Including their MILK!



Coffee and melon flavoured milk like can I get an AMEN? These guys can be found in pretty much any grocery or convenience store and come in a  variety of flavours including coffee, chocolate, strawberry and even banana! Melon was my personal fav but they were all awesome!

So Dieters if you weren't sold on Korea, hopefully that did the trick!

You stay hungry and remember, your diet starts tomorrow!