Ahoy dieters! Before we dive in today, can we just take a moment to appreciate tapas? Like lets get serious, whats not to love about delicate Spanish dishes perfect for sharing (not to mention making it  socially acceptable to order an obscene amount of food).... Win. That being said, I guess it goes without saying that I am a big fan of tapas, like BIG fan.  Having found myself constantly on the prowl for new tapas joints to scope out, I would be lying if I said that the sound of pork & foie gras sliders didn't instantly spark my interest (not to mention the master mind behind it being Michelin Starred chef Jason Atherton... Bonus). With 22 Ships at the top of my list of must visit tapas restaurants, lets just say by the time I finally got around to visiting it, I was more than ready to TAP into these tapas ;) .  Located on Ship Street in Wan Chai, 22 Ships is a small joint with a no reservation policy, so get there early (especially if you want to find yourself perched on the patio!)  Now besides being aptly named for it's location, 22 Ships does undoubtedly serve up some pretty tasty tapas that you are probably gonna want to hit up!

First Up:


Salt Baked Beetroot, Goat's Cheese, Red Vein Sorrel

 So I'm just gonna say it how it is. I LOVE goat's cheese not to mention when combined with beets, I literally could die happy. Naturally discovering this combination on the 22 Ships menu, I couldn't resist and as you would imagine, it is hella tasty! Not to mention the fact that I just had to get a few veggies in the ole system to make me feel okay about the dishes that were to follow!
















Jamón, Manchego & Truffle Toastie with Quail Eggs

 These toasties were tasty and quaint. Had a nice hint of truffle and the combination with the ham, topped with a quail egg was nice, TBH, I felt that these guys could have been a little less skimpy on the toasty fillings and personally found the bread a bit dry ( I know it's toast but come on, tell me there isn't anything better than crispy toast with soft chewy bread inside... AM I RIGHT?)












Seafood Paella, Fava Beans with Crispy Bacon


 First off, this baby is so gorgeous! Am I right or am I right? This seafood paella was perfectly seasoned and SO delicious especially with the crispy bacon! This dish was not too saucy and full of seafood chunks. I mean come on, what more can you ask for in a paella? Definitely one of my favs of the night!







Berkshire Pork & Foie Gras Burgers

 Who doesn't love sliders right? Well these little beauties took sliders to a whole new level of classy! These guys were succulent and had a nice hint of foie gras. I definitely wasn't shy of topping them with the avocado sauce,  cause that sauce wuz GOOD. Overall, these are another must of the night.













Red Snapper, Pine Nuts, Chorizo, Pepper

 You guys, is there ever going wrong with chorizo?... but seriously. This one was another great dish of the night!  The chorizo was a super nice complement to the red snapper which was cooked perfectly and was full of flavour. Not a huge fan of the dark fish on dark plate but that's just me, definitely a gorgeous dish that could up its wow factor on a lighter coloured plate (I know I know, but I just had to put it out there.) ;)









Strawberry, Toasted Marshmallow, Chantilly


 This dessert was seriously amazing you guys. I'm not even kidding. One of the best desserts I've had in Hong Kong. The marshmallows were SO delicious and the strawberries added a super refreshing kick. SERIOUSLY..... GET THIS.

SO tapas lovers if you have yet to make your way to 22 Ships, your gonna want to set sail on this one and cruise your way over to 22 Ships... WOW. Boat puns for the win...  But joking aside.. Get here.

22 Ships, 22 Ship St, Wan Chai

You stay hungry Hong Kong,

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!