Oddies Foodies is Egg Waffle Heaven on Earth


Okay I think it is safe to say, I am obsessed with Oddies. We're talking artisan gelato, soft serve and egg waffles, what more does a girl need in this world? ... but seriously. I know this isn't the first I've talked about Oddies and I can guarantee it won't be the last, but I figured it was about time I gave you the proper SCOOP on this kick ass ice cream joint. Located on Gough street in Sheung Wan (alternate location in Wan Chai) this shop takes ice cream to the next level. No matter how simple or out of the box you want your ice cream,  Oddies has got you covered.  Think egg waffle parfaits (layered with both feature and soft serve gelato)  to aesthetically appealing drama cones (like VERY long cones pre filled with a variety of gelato and toppings then dipped in a GORGEOUS coating). But never fret, should you desire a simple ice cream cone, Oddies serves up new flavours on the regular so there is ALWAYS something new to tickle your tastebuds. 

Famous Night Wolf

Okay, you guys, come on. Would you just look at that? That egg waffle is taking the term waffle cone to a whole new level AMIRIGHT?! This egg waffle was perfect. Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, oh and did I mention there are brownie bites baked into it? So yeahh, you're probably, thinking how could it possibly get any better than that? Well take that beautiful baby and accompany it with layers of passionfruit panna cotta, a scoop of the gelato of the day, butter cookie crumbs and a swirl of vanilla and dark chocolate soft serve gelato. YUS. Dunk these bites sized waffles bits into your gelato and I guarantee you will be skipping your whole way home... Literally.













Kiddo Drama Cone

 Like tell me this isn't the greatest ice cream cone you've seen? This gorgeous cone is  basically a pimped out Nestle Drumstick.  Filled and frozen with a plethora of layers and nibbles, you will be Oooo-ing and awwww-ing through every bite! Filled with milk chocolate semifreddo, Oreo crumbs, crunchy pie crust, and Nutella fudge and then topped with Lemon Nutella gelato and dunked in dark chocolate, this cone really does have it ALL.











Cookie Monster Jar-lato


 How bout a Jar-lato folks? I think my answer was PRETTY clear. This gelato jar is layered with cookies n cream gelato, oatmeal raisin cookie crumbs, chocolate chip cookie chunks, dulce de leche, confetti cookie crumble and topped with soft serve vanilla and dark chocolate gelato... Cookie lovers unite. This is amazing.

More of a cake lover? Check out the Red Velvet Jar-lato!




Red Velvet Jar-lato

Layered with Hokkaido milk gelato, red velvet cake chunks, cream cheese curd, cinnamon crumble and topped with soft serve gelato, there really is nothing to dislike here people! Yet another wow dessert from Oddies!

Now I know what you're thinking? What if I just want a regular ice cream cone? Once again, Oddies knows how to do it! Serving up handcrafted flavours with killer names and even better flavour combinations the only trouble you'll have is choosing one (or 3 no judgement ;) )










Cheeses Christ Artisan Gelato


 Naturally with a name like Cheeses Christ, how could I resist this DIVINE strawberry gelato swirled with cheese? This gelato was creamy as heck and had the perfect ratio of strawberry to cheese (not to mention nobody was mad about the vanilla crumble chunks).

Peeeecan Artisan Gelato


 NOM. Milk gelato, caramel fudge, butter pecans and oatmeal clusters. Must I go on?

















SO for all you sugar addicts out there like myself, you're gonna want to get to Oddies STAT. You've got your work cut out for you!....But until then, may the Oddies be ever in your flavour ;)

You stay Hungry Hong Kong!

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!