Cluckin Delicious New Burger at Beef & Liberty


It's that  time again! Beef & Liberty is launching a new burger! I know I know, let the celebrations begin, AMIRIGHT? Named after the man, the myth, the legend Chuck Norris, it seems only natural that Beef & Liberty is rollin out the red carpet for the Cluck Norris Burger (and yes, this burger promises to pack a punch not unlike the legend himself ;) .)  Now as you probably have guessed this new burger is in fact a chicken burger (hints the CLUCK in Cluck Norris) but trust me, this is not your average chicken burger. This grilled chicken thigh burger is tender and OH SO FLAVOURFUL, topped with crispy chicken skin wafers, tomato, avocado (YUS PLEASE), mayo and of course the kicker, spicy jalapeños, I'm sure you will be wondering if even Chuck Norris himself could handle a burger with this much flavour, but I mean come on, everybody knows Chuck Norris uses pepper spray to spice up his burgers. (I know I know, I couldn't resist AT LEAST one Chuck Norris Joke in there ;) .)

Cluck Norris Burger

 All joking aside this burger is SO GOOD. I am a sucker for ANY burger with crispy skin and avocado (of course) and fortunately for me, this delivered on both fronts. Well done Beef & Liberty, you've done it again!

Now Beef & Liberty is also taking a stand on the salad scene here in Hong Kong. Participating in the #reinventingsaladscampaign along with chefs fromCommon Room, Viet Kitchen & Bar, Linguini Fini, Lily & Bloom, The Kinnet & Fresca HK. For this month, Beef & Liberty is serving up a gorgeous Haloumi & Persimmon Superfood Salad, I know I speak for both myself and Beef & Liberty when I say, you are going to want to get here and TRY IT, because frankly, it would be a shame if this killer salad WASN'T put on the permanent menu it's THAT good. 









Haloumi & Persimmon Superfood Salad

 These gorgeous greens were topped with quinoa crusted Haloumi, lentils, spelt, persimmon, mint, spring onion, cucumber, carmelized onion, & a sweet sherry vinaigrette! SO long story short, delicious.

SO dieters, if you have been meaning to get over to Beef & Liberty, now's the time to do so!

Beef & Liberty, 2/F, 23 Wing Fung Street, Wan Chai

You stay hungry Hong Kong,

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!