Chôm Chôm- Hot Happy Hour


Any mid level frequenters will undoubtedly know that Chôm Chôm is ALWAYS buzzing. Located on the corner of Peel and Staunton Street, this joint does in true Vietnam nature of  bringing both drinks and eats to the busy street.  Now let me inform you that this modern Vietnamese joint does come at a price, but really, can we be surprised? Bringing the Vietnam vibes to the streets of central, is DEFINITELY worth a pretty penny! Serving up a diverse selection of Vietnamese Beers as well as very (and I mean VERY) tasty cocktails, I can guarantee you won't be staying for just one drink. Now fortunately, Chôm Chôm does offer a pretty kick ass happy hour that you are gonna want to check out. Serving up pitchers of draft beer,  sangria, hard iced tea and of course buckets of VFC (Vietnamese fried chicken), all I can say, is they know the makings of a VERY happy hour.  AM I RIGHT?

Cay Mia Punch

This fruity sangria wuz GOOD.  Mixing  up a refreshing white wine with vodka, sugar cane, juice along with lemons, oranges, apples and lychees. This drink is definitely a fan favorite in the summer heat!




South China Iced Tea

 This bad boy is mixed up with Vietnamese Tea, rum, brown sugar, mint and lime. So long story short, yummy and very refreshing and a killer way to pack the punch in your classic lemon tea!












Vietnamese Fried Chicken

 I know you are only seeing one bucket, but truth be told we polished off a solid 3 buckets. Perfectly crispy and seasoned with garlic, cilantro (aka.coriander) and mint. You wont't want to miss out on these bad boys! SERIOUSLY finger lickin good.

With killer drinks and ever better VFC, you will be happily sippin, omnomnoming and people watching on the central streets. Whats not to love? Check out this VERY happy hour every Wed-Sun from 5pm-7pm

You stay hungry Hong Kong

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!