Woodlands - Best Vegetarian Indian Food

Ever feel a bit overwhelmed with the plethora of curry styles, stews and other delicious Indian dishes on a menu?  I know when I'm in the mood for indian food,  I want one of EVERYTHING. masala, tikka, naan,  you name it? I'm diggin it. So, as you can imagine, selecting an appropriate amount of food for 1 (or 2 people) is difficult to say the least. Now lucky for me, Woodlands makes my dining decisions  simple and VERY delicious.  Serving up some seriously tasty southern Indian vegetarian food (think rice, lentils, stews and of course DOSAS) in the form of Thalis (set meals) which come served on a silver platter (literally) with an abundance of tasting sizes of their stews and curries (all of which can be replenished once you've choosen the ones your diggin) along  with rice,  bathura (deep fried leavened bread) and chappaties (flatbread), there really is no going wrong!  Nobody hates being able to try a bit of everything!  Now whether or not you vouch for one of  these divine sets, DON'T MISS THEIR TASTY STARTERS! With plump samosas and GIGANTIC dosas, I can guarantee your pants will be tighter on your return home, but come on, it's vegetarian food so you're basically just eating vegetables... Right? ;)

First up...






 These were quite possibly the best samosas I have EVER had. Stuffed to the max with perfectly spiced  samosa filling  (potatoes, onions and peas), along with a nice and crispy outside, and a delightful dipping sauce, all I can say is OMNOMNOM.  All around a big fat win.









Next up...

Masala Dosa


 Okay in my opinion, there is just no going wrong with a dosa. This BIG- ass Indian style pancake/crepe (made from rice flour and ground pulses) was filled with a mound of onions and potatoes. All you gotta do is rip a piece of this pancake, swipe it through the filling and dip it in one of Woodlands divine sauces (sambar or coconut chutney) accompanying this oh so gigantic crepe! DO IT.




Mysore Masalsa Dosa

 The inside of this dosa was brushed with a red chutney and filled with onions and potatoes. Personally I found that this chutney didn't really add much to the dosa, but none the less it was still super  tasty!




Now for the set meals...


South Indian Thali


Servin up a variety of Indian dishes including sambar (a vegetable stew made of lentils), rasam (a southern Indian soup made of tamarind juice, tomatoes and lentils) accompanied with papad (Indian flatbread/cracker) and your choice of a sweet or spiced Indian yogurt dip (raita) you are bound to find something for everyone on this platter! Plus take your pick of purees (deep fried bread) or chappaties (whole wheat flat bread) and start your dippin!  We vouched for the chappaties and they were perfect dunked in all the dishes! If you can save your dosa until this tray arrives DO IT cause it is divine when dunked in these tasty tasters, we on the other hand didn't quite have the self control to wait...


Woodlands Special Thali

 Of the two Thalis this one was definitely my favorite. Centered around the veg biriyani (a mixed rice dish made with spices, lentils and vegetables) and served with Dal (a dish made of pureed pulses or legumes), Channa Masala (spiced chickpea curry), Kurma  (a spiced sauce made with yogurt and cream) and  papad with your choice of chapatis or bathuras. Um.... Yes please.  I found that this thali offered a bit more substance than the Southern Indian Thali and found the dishes to be even more delicious!. Overall, this guy is a WINNER.

Vegetarian or not, you are gonna want to check out this Indian place stat!

Woodlands, UG 16-17, Wing On Plaza, 62 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2369 3718

You stay hungry Hong Kong!

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!