The Cupping Room - Proper Pastries and Beautiful Brunch

Okay so I don't think it's any secret that Hong Kong does a lot of things well. From heavenly egg waffles to dope dim sum, I have alot to be thankful for really, now bread on the other hand is a bit hit and miss... Like BIG hit or BIG miss.  Now, I know I am not living in France where baguettes are a plenty but still, a girl needs a little gluten in her diet every so often.  With brunch occupying a main food group in my diet, I naturally gravitate to where the coffee is hot, the pastries are fresh and the bread is FABULOUS. Allow me to open up the brunch world of The Cupping Room. The Cupping Room is a coffee chain with locations in Wan Chai, Central and Sheung Wan (ergo,  there is no excuse to miss this beautiful place). The Cupping Room serves up a delicious variety of custom coffees from cappuccinos and flat whites to proper lattes and even cold brew nitrogenized coffee (think coffee but brewed like beer... awesome.). There really is no going wrong! Despite having a small brunch menu, The Cupping Room serves up some kick ass dishes, not to mention it is served ALL DAY EVERY DAY! With amazing thick toast topped with your breakfast of choice, their really is NO going wrong!

Now if you're looking to to get your afternoon caffeine hit accompanied with a perfect pastry... And I mean SERIOUSLY perfect, The Cupping Room is your jam! With perfect croissants, beautiful banana bread and CRUFFINS, you might just feel like you are breaking open a french pastry (they are that good!)  Now the cruffins are in a league of their own. Serving up a daily cruffin feature, I can guarantee you are going to want to get your paws on one of these! WIth cruffin features of Nutella and Marshmallow to Uji Matcha, you never know what they'll be serving up for that day but believe ME you are gonna wanna check it out!





Flat White

 Lovely coffee. Super creamy and delicious, definitely a perfect start to the morning (my only complaint is that it wasn't about 4x the size... A girls gotta get her caffeine fix am I right?).






Avocado on Toast (with a side of poached eggs)


THIS IS MY JAM HOLY SMOKES. This toast is so thick and toasted perfectly. With the outside being crunchy while keeping its chewy inside it is absolutely delightful when topped with the avocado, radish and swiped through the ricotta cheese. NOM.




Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon

If I'm being honest the idea of salmon in the morning usually doesn't sit right with me... BUT I think The Cupping Room has changed that for me! This was absolutely lovely. The salmon had a lovely smoky and salty flavor and was perfect atop this delightful champagne cut toast. Definitely a new believer in smoked salmon mornings... I LOVE EGGS BENEDICT. (also.. note that pile of avocado in the background...)
















Egg, Bacon, Cheese and Tomato Toast

Okay of all the toast spreads, this was definitely my least favorite. When I had it, the egg was a bit overcooked on the bottom and overall just not as delicious as the others.










Brioche French Toast


 Okay these guys were GOOD. This thinly sliced french toast was served with caramelized bananas, marscapone and maple syrup! This was a delightful switch up to the savoury toast dishes we had before. Omnomnom.

And now for the pastries.....

Okay, so I have developed a bit of a bad habit... Every time I am in Central, I happen to make my way to The Cupping Room to quickly "check" what the daily cruffin feature is... As I sure you can imagine, this quick pop-in translates to stuffing my face with a cruffin... Whoops. Despite my pants getting a wee bit tighter, fortunately for you I got the scoop of some of my fav (and least fav) features! Now all you gotta worry about is tracking them down!

First Up:

Nutella Marshmallow Cruffin


 Words cannot describe how life changing this was. With the flaky croissant outside and the chewy inside, oh , and did I mention the whole cruffin is piped with Nutella? All my Nutella fans unite. TRACK THIS BABY DOWN.


Uji Matcha

 If you LOVE matcha you will LOVE this cruffin. Personally I found the matcha flavour a little overpowering (as the inside was piped full of matcha flavoured whip cream) but the pastry itself was still perfect.












Berries and Cream Cruffin

 I think this is self-explantory... Ain't nobody gonna hate on berries and cream stuffed cruffin. NOM.












Houjicha and Red Bean Cruffin

Despite yet another perfect pastry, this red ben and houjicha (houjicha is a Japanese style green tea FYI) filling wasn't my thing but for those red bean lovers out there, I'm sure you will LOVE it.
















Cookie & Cream Cruffin

This one on the other hand was INCREDIBLE. All I have to say is COOKIE CRUMB CREAM FILLING inside a flaky and chewy cruffin. You're welcome.















Double Baked Almond Croissant

Now should you arrive on a day when the cruffins HAPPEN to be sold out (or not sold out.. this one is also AMAZING) get your mitts on this incredibly flaky croissant. Perfectly sweet and chewy inside, there is nothing NOT to love.

Hong Kong, get to The Cupping Room. There will be NO regrets.

The Cupping Room, G/F 18 Cochrane St, Central, 2511 3518

You stay hungry Hong Kong, and remember, your diet starts tomorrow!