Via Tokyo Dessert Cafe

Being the ice cream addict that I am, I FINALLY made my way to check out the hype behind Via Tokyo, a late night dessert spot in TST (other location in Causeway Bay). Often accompanied with a  long cue (well worth the wait I might add), Via Tokyo  serves up some of the best Japanese desserts and "soft cream" in Hong Kong .  Specializing in Hokkaido milk and matcha soft cream flavours  ( the milk one is my JAM and the mix of the two is also killer) with the appearance of feature flavours including hojicha (a Japanese green tea that is roasted over charcoal in a porcelain pot)  and black sesame, this soft cream really is something else! We're talking EXTREME creaminess with a perfectly sweet flavour and a rich buttery texture... Omnomnom.  Serving up their soft cream in a variety of styles and toppings including shiratama (rice dumpling similar to mochi ), anmitsu (small cubes of agar jelly- a clear jelly made of red algae) mochi (Japanese rice cake), azuki (red beans), fresh fruit and okome (basically puffed rice) all of which make for amazing added texture to this perfectly smooth dessert. There really is no going wrong at Via Tokyo! Now if you are not wanting to sit down inside the restaurant, you can skip the cue (the cue is for those wanting to dine in)! Simply go to the front counter inside and ask for take away (we stood in the cue for about 20 minutes before realizing we could do that lol!).

Mochi Azuki Mix Soft Cream

 If you LOVE matcha this one is for you! The combination of the matcha and the Hokkaido milk soft cream swirl is delightful. I swiped each bite through the red bean and topped it off with a delightfully chewy mochi. Personally I do enjoy matcha but I did find that towards the end I was a little matcha-ed out. But overall, ace.







Fruit Soft Cream Shiratama Anmitsu

I AM OBSESSED WITH THE MILK SOFT CREAM HOLY SMOKES. SO EFFIN SMOOTH AND DELICIOUS. Okay, I'll stop, but seriously, amazing. I loved the whole combination of this dessert. This soft cream is served on top of the anmitsu cubes (clear cubes made of agar jelly) that are covered in a thin syrup with a molasses flavor and then topped with fresh fruit, mochi, red beans and shiratama (the yellow, green and clear rice dumplings you see above). Ballin.

Black Sesame Soft Cream

Since my move to Asia, I have become obsessed with sesame desserts and this was no exception! The sesame flavour was perfect not to mention absolutely divine in the form of Via Tokyos' soft cream.

So dessert goers, if you have yet to get yourself to Via Tokyo, I suggest you check your priorities ;) .

Via Tokyo, G/F, 29A Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2385 6388

You stay hungry Hong Kong,

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow.