Ebina Tsukemen 海老名沾麵- Killer Ramen in Kowloon


You know that feeling, when a soup is just SO good, that you literally wanna plant your face in it? After making that statement, I feel like I need to clarify, that no I have never ACTUALLY given my face a soup bath, but I experience the urge to do so when the soup is worthy. Now that  being said, maybe I am the only one who has ever experienced these thoughts, but none the less, we can all appreciate a top notch soup. Am I right? With soup being a readily available dining option in Hong Kong  with seemingly endless varieties, pho, hot pot,  ramen (to name a few) the best ones need a bit of seeking out! With Ebina Tsukemen located in Cheung Sha Wan, I hopped on the train (with a SERIOUS ramen craving), ready to track this place down to get my Japanese noodle FIX. With the word on the street being that Ebina Tsukemen was serving up some of the best tsukemen in the city (a Japanese noodle dish eaten by dipping ramen noodles into a separate bowl of soup), I simply had to try it for myself!

With a small door way hidden behind a Japanese style curtain, Ebina Tsukemen could easily be missed without a second glance, but with a constant wave of people coming both in and out Ebina Tsukemen doesn't have trouble filling their 10 seat restaurant! With a simple menu serving up, well ramen. Full stop. The only decision that will need making is deciding which delectable broth you wanna plant your face in? Ebina Tsukemen serves up a tomato, miso or a soy soup base as well as a nightly feature (so get there early IF your interested in the nightly feature as they tend to run out quickly)! Having already run out the feature upon my arrival I vouched for the soy broth which was BOMB! Once you've picked your broth you can expect it to be served with all the classics, soft boiled egg, perfect pork slices (cooked to perfection with a flame torch... AWESOME) seaweed and a big ass bowl full of CHEWY DENSE AL DENTE RAMEN NOODLES. This is no Ichiban noodles people, this is the real deal.


Soy Ramen

Okay this soup was seriously TO DIE FOR. Made with dashi (the miso base broth used in Japanese cuisine)  infused with dried shrimp, (yes you can see these little guys floating in the broth above and YES they are delicious) and served with a soft boiled egg, roast pork and topped with chives, you will undoubtedly be licking this bowl clean!





Miso Ramen

Containing all the ramen fixings there really was NO losing here! This miso broth was SO flavorful and very slurp worthy.







Tomato Ramen

 Another delightful bowl of ramen here people. Nice tomato flavour without overpowering the delightful dashi. OMNOMNOM. This broth was very comforting





Uni ramen

 Having arrived early enough to order the daily special (seeing as their is a limited quantity available) I was able to try the Uni Ramen. This guy was packed with uni flavour (if your not into uni, the broth is a bit strong). This guy is served with chicken (which to be honest, wasn't my fav and seemed a bit undercooked) but that aside the broth was delish and once again a delightful bowl of ramen.  Overall Ebina Tsukemen is AMAZING. I am getting cravings just looking at these picture! The chewy noodles are absolutely incredible! The broth is thicker so that, while dipping, the noodles pick up the broth flavour.  Once you've finished your noodles,  place your bowl up on the counter and the lovely ramen chefs will top you up with a thinner broth to wash down these delightful noodles. Well done Ebina Tsukemen.

















Now remember...

Long story short, get to Cheung Sha Wan. They’re taking ramen to a whole new level.

Ebina Tsukemen: Manor Centre Block 2, 213 Un Chau St, Cheung Sha Wan, 3954 5528

You stay hungry Hong Kong,

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!