Dalat Vietnamese- Pork Neck Three Ways

You know that food that no matter what you're in the mood for, it undoubtedly ALWAYS comes to mind? Without a question mine's VIETNAMESE FOOD. Now this is no new discovery,  as pho was a major staple in my ol' canadian diet so naturally upon my arrival in Hong Kong, I was quick to find my go-to Vietnamese fix! Dalat Vietnamese is  a no frills Vietnamese restaurant located in Mong Kok. With speedy service and consistently tasty pho, bun cha and salad rolls (that won't break the bank), I find myself stopping in on the regular! I mean why wouldn't I, seeing as it is about 20 steps from my apartment?... Win. Now if you are anticipating to leisurely sip your broth and nibble your salad rolls, you are coming to the wrong place! Expect to be shooed out the door the minute your slurp your last drop of pho as they want those seats filled with customers STAT. Dining by yourself? Not for long! Be prepared to get sat up close and personal with other single diners because believe me, they don't like to waste table space on lonesome diners! But all the fuss aside, if there is one thing I can assure you of about Dalat Vietnamese it is that they serve AMAZING PORK NECK.

Although it saddens me to say that before moving to Asia,  I was unacquainted with pork neck,  I have DEFINITELY made up for it over these past 9 months. With my GO-TO dish from Dalat Vietnamese being Pork Neck Bun Cha (pork served with rice noodles, herbs and shredded veggies), to say it has become a diet staple would be an understatement!

Pork neck Bun Cha

This is seriously AMAZING. This pork is so flavorful and chewy (in a good way) that I find myself asking how I've survived my 23 years thus far without it. Overall this bowl always hits the spot! Top it with fish sauce and give the noodles a good mixing and boom. Perfection. (Don't make the mistake of ordering the lemongrass pork bun cha because  it is NOT PORK NECK and is no where NEAR as good!)












Pork Neck Pho

 Not into the whole cold noodle bun cha thing? Try the Pork Neck Pho! Being the  pho obsessed woman that I am, this definitely hits the spot everytime! Served simply and accompanied with pork neck on the side, you can dunk the meat in the broth or eat it as is (the dipping sauce for the pork neck is on par!) I have also tried the chicken pho which was not my fav...The chicken is a bit carcassy (served with the skin on) and the broth seemed a bit greasier than the pork neck broth, in other words, stick with the PORK NECK.

 Nomnomnom.This pho really was PHO-nomenal. Spice it up with Sriracha if you're into sort of thing! I know I sure am ;) .

Pork Neck & Rice

 Another excellent way to get your daily dosage of pork neck! Whatever your style of pork neck? Dalat serves it up perfectly.

So Hong Kong, next time you are lookin for some mad tasty pho, bun cha or pork neck and rice? Make sure you hit up Dalat Vietnamese. I guarantee it will hit the spot!

Dalat Vietnamese, 2A Tung Choi St, Mong Kok, 2543 4878 (other location in Wan Chai)

You stay hungry, and remember,

Your diet starts tomorrow!