Yee Shun Milk Company - Perfect Milk Pudding

Anyone who knows that a meal is not complete without dessert will definitely appreciate this next one! No matter what time of night a meal ends, I will tell you how it is, I am ALWAYS in the mood for dessert. Now despite the countless times I find myself wide awake middle of the night reminded that I in fact should NOT eat  chocolate prior to sleeping, well, I find myself searching for possible solutions... Lucky enough I have discovered my new fav bed time dessert that satisfies the sweet tooth without disturbing the sleep all thanks to Yee Shun Milk CompanyYee Shun Milk Company is a chain across Hong Kong that serves up some KILLER Chinese steamed milk pudding. Whatever your flavour, original, ginger, red bean or chocolate (to name a few), I guarantee there will be one to your liking.  These silky milk puddings are simple yet SO satisfying. Served warm or cold, these light desserts are the perfect end to a meal and an even better bed time snack ;) .  If you were (or still are... no judgement) into the whole warm milk pre-bedtime ordeal  let's just say, this dessert will bring you right back!


Double Boiled Milk Pudding (aka Steamed Milk with Two Films)

 This double boiled milk with two films is one of Yee Shun's signature puddings. Cooked in a way that forms a thin film on top, one will undoubtedly enjoy breaking through the top layer and diving into the smooth and silky inside. We enjoyed this pudding warm and it was AMAZING.







Chocolate Milk Pudding

This pudding, which is only served cold, is a bit thicker than the other puddings. This one was tasty and is a good option for those who are diggin something more similar to a western style of pudding (Personally, I prefer the hot milk puddings).







Steamed Milk Pudding with Ginger Juice

 GINGER FLAVOURED DESSERTS ARE THE BOMB. THIS IS WHY I COME TO YEE SHUN MILK COMPANY. We went for the warm version of this tasty pudding and it was SO lovely. This is my FAV bedtime snack by far! SO calming, soothing, silky and DELISH. (pictured above is the double boiled milk but the ginger one looks pretty much exactly the same.)

So dieters, next time you are looking to satisfy that late night sweet tooth, make sure you hit up Yee Shun Milk Company!

Yee Shun Milk Company, Tai Wo Commercial Building, 513 Nathan Rd, Yau Ma Tei, 2591 1837 (Other locations in Jordan, Causeway Bay, Mong Kok)

You stay hungry Hong Kong,

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!