One Dim Sum- Cheap & Delicious Dim Sum In Prince Edward


If there is one thing that  I am always in the mood for in Hong Kong, it's DIM SUM.Constantly dreaming about pork buns, steamed sponge cake (egg cake) and of course DUMPLINGS, to say I love dim sum-ing is an understatement.  Naturally with my one track food mind,  I am always keeping my eye open for nearby dim sum joints with some fresh steamy buns ;) . Having bounced around a handful of different dim sum joints in Kowloon, I am ALWAYS thrilled when I find some stand outs (especially ones that are within walking distance of work!) Funny enough, One Dim Sum was actually  the first dim sum restaurant I went to upon my arrival in Hong Kong, that being said, One Dim Sum set the dim sum bar VERY high!

Located in Prince Edward, One Dim Sum is often accompanied with a queue (especially during peak hours). Having dined multiple times at this joint  during the lunch rush as well the post-work-mow-down, I have gotten used to playing the waiting game. Now that being said, part of me loves arriving at a restaurant (for the first time) and finding a ridiculous queue. I know silly right? No, not silly, long queue = worth waiting for... hopefully. Well allow me to clear the air on this queue... WORTH IT.  If I can make one recommendation though it is to, GO EARLY. This dim sum is fresh and so tasty when munched on earlier in the day! It is still greatlater in the day but if you can pop by during the lunch rush, believe me, it will be worth it!








Law Mai Gai (Savory Chicken and Sticky Rice Wrapped in a Lotus Leaf)

By far one of the best gifts one can receive at Dim Sum. Who doesn't love unwrapping this perfectly packaged sticky rice, letting the steam escape and plunging  chopsticks into chewy sticky rice stuffed with chicken and mushrooms. OMNOMNOM... AMAZING. Definitely one of my dim sum staples and DEFINITELY done well at One Dim Sum.














Har Cheung (Steamed Rice Rolls with Shrimp)

 These slippery chewy rice rolls are SO addictive. Stuffed with meaty shrimps and topped with soy sauce, One Dim Sum definitely serves up a some killer ones!







Harm Shui Gok (Deep-fried Egg Shaped Dumplings with Diced Pork)


 Okay, these little guys were GOOD. The shells were crispy on the outside while soft and chewy on the inside. The dough is slightly sweet and SO DELICIOUS (especially with the pork filling)!. This was the first time I tried these and let me tell you, I'll be back for more ;) .








Fu Pay Guen (Deep-fried Tofu Skin Wrap with Shrimp & Chives). 

 These were tasty. Think spring roll wrapper but lighter and crispier. These ones were stuffed with shrimp and chives. They were nice when dunked in soy sauce, but found they lacked a bit of flavour on their own.
























Choi Miu Gau (Vegetable & Shrimp Dumplings)


These were SO FRESH. The wrapper was super sticky and soft not to mention stuffed with big chunks of shrimp and a variety of veggies. Super yummy!



Char Siu Bao (Barbecued Pork Buns)

 With every dim sum joint serving up its own variety of these little guys, I am always happy when the original hits the table. These ones in particular were AMAZING.  These buns, stuffed with sweet meaty pork, contained the perfect  ratio of meat to bun! These guys were so fresh and so fluffy! I was a very happy camper.







Now one thing I love most about dim sum is the fact that it is socially acceptable to eat steamed cake as if it were any other main dish. In between dumplings and sticky rice or after siu mai, whenever you're diggin it, you can dive in. Thank you Dim Sum. In other words, steamed egg cake MUST be served at every dim sum occasion.

Ma Lie Go (Steamed Sponge Cake)




This might be the lightest and fluffiest cake ever. Perfectly sweet and so SOFT. This is undoubtedly my favourite dim sum dish and fortunately One Dim Sum served up a pretty tasty one (the one at Tim Ho Wan is also AMAZING)!







Mong Gor Lai Wong Guen (Mango Custard Rolls with Shredded Coconut)


Okay these guys were ANOTHER tasty dish. Think thin mochi stuffed with big pieces of juicy mango and rolled in coconut. A super yummy end to the meal.

So Hong Kong, If you have yet to try out One Dim Sum, I highly suggest you make your way over to the dark side for this Dim Sum delight!

Until next time, you stay hungry!

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!