Brickhouse- Hidden Mexican Hot Spot

Mexican food. I LOVE Mexican food! I know surprising right? Like come on, who doesn't? From Taco Bell to Old El Paso Taco kits ( I know how very North American of me), it's really hard to go wrong. Okay so YES, you got me, I love Taco Bell and unfortunately, Hong Kong hasn't quite succumbed to offering this convenient Mexican chain (unlike the thousands of KFC's and McD's).  Seeing as my diet staple of gucamole and nachos was lacking, I figured it was time to get out there and find Hong Kong's hottest Mexican joint. Trying everything from Cali Mex to Tequila Jack's and Caliente all of which offer up decent and tasty Mexican eats,  I finally hit the jack pot when finding Brickhouse. I say "finding" because this joint is SERIOUSLY hard to find. Tucked away in a back alley in Lan Kwai Fong, Brickhouse maintains its hidden gem status while serving up bumpin beats and BAD ASS Mexican food and drinks. We're talkin spicy margaritas and hot stone nacho pots people! This ain't your average Mexican resto!  First up:

Guacamole & Salsa

GUAC! Seriously, what other way could you possibly commence a Mexican feast? My only complaint is that it went WAY too fast. Other than that, top notch!

















Mexican Style Street Corn

Okay, this is a MUST. We're talking corn on the cob rolled in sour cream, hot sauce and parmesan cheese! I honestly don't know why I haven't done this before. This is seriously so yummy and a perfect combination between the sweet corn and the salty Parmesan cheese. Thank you Mexico for inventing this tasty dish. I am forever grateful.













Nachos De Molcajete

This is AMAZING. This hot stone starts with a bottom layer of black beans then topped with corn chips, gooey con queso, guacamole (UM YES), salsa fresca, sour cream, red onions and skewers of marinated shrimp and ribeye. I was practically liking/the bowl clean.


Ahi Tuna Tostada

 Not my favorite of the appies but still good! Topped with ahi tuna, chipotle dressed cabbage, avocado and red onion this tostada was tasty! Thought the tostada could be better if done with more of a corn chip tostada rather than flour tortilla tostada but overall really lovely tuna topping.







Onto the main feast... TACOS.

Taco Platter

 Okay not ONE of these was bad. In fact they were all AMAZING! You can fill your taco platter with any of their five delicious tacos! We vouched for one of each!

The Protein Pancake taco, which is topped with a slab of ribeye in a tomato chili glaze; the Spicy Nemo, which is deep fried fish topped with cabbage and avocado and chipotle aioli; the Squealer, which is pork neck topped with pineapple salsa and pork rinds; the Prawn Star, which is chilli flake spiced shrimp topped with cabbage and mango salsa. Now for my personal favorite: the Side Chick! This tasty taco is topped with perfectly marinated chicken, black bean and corn salsa, lime cream and crispy chicken skin and finished off with cilantro. The whole combination of this taco is simply perfect. The crispy chicken skin is just SO good not to mention the combo of crispy skin meeting fresh with the salsa and cilantro.  The tacos here are simply a must!









I'll be honest, for an avid churro fan, I was not overwhelmed by these little guys. Found them to be a bit dry and not as crispy as they could be.









Now the drinks on the other hand...

Brickhouse Margarita

Super solid margaritas here. Definitely a necessity! Don't miss these bad boys.



Lookin for somethin different?  Try this raspberry cocktail with a kick of jalapeno. Perfectly sweet, spicy and refreshing. This is my personal fav of the cocktails!

So dieters, if you haven't stumbled upon this hidden gem, make sure you check it out! Brickhouse has a rockin atmosphere and knows how to put the party in FIESTA.

So on that note, you stay hungry Hong Kong,

And Remember, your diet starts tomorrow!