Han Sung Korean Restaurant- Best Korean in Kowloon


Living in Kowloon, I am always on the hunt for new tasty "go-to" restaurants! I want something that is close and not bound to break the bank.  With Mong Kok offering an endless amount of restaurants, I often find myself feeling overwhelmed with options. When I do decide on where to dine,  I often walk away feeling satisfied yet a tad underwhelmed. That's not to say that these restaurants are awful, but with so many restaurants to choose from, if it wasn't wow the first time you can expect that I will not be returning. Now for the restaurants that I have returned to, I seemingly find myself returning again and again and AGAIN. Insert my fav Korean restaurant in Yau Ma Tei (other locations in Jordan and TST ) Han Sung Korean Restaurant. Tucked two blocks behind the bustle of ladies market, this hidden gem is worth adding to your regular list!Han Sung serves up a variety of kick-ass Korean fried chicken, tasty tofu soups and killer seafood pancakes (of course all with a side of kimchi), it's safe to say, that there's something for everyone. 

First up:


Kimchi Dumplings

 Okay, these are WOW. These little devils are stuffed with spicy kimchi and wrapped in chewy dumpling dough. If you're a sucker for kimchi, you'll wanna pop this whole plate in your mouth!









Sweet and Spicy Korean fried chicken

Okay seriously. This is amazing. There is no going wrong with super crispy wings doused in sticky, sweet and spicy sauce served with chewy rice cakes... BOMB.















Soy Sauce Fried Chicken

I know it doesn't look as flavourful as the sweet and spicy fried chicken, but let me say it was just as good! Perfectly seasoned and cooked crispy, these wings are way too good!













Regular Fried Chicken

 If you're not into the flavoured wings they also serve up regular fried chicken as well! My fav of the wings was definitely the soy or the sweet & spicy!










Cheese Tteokbokki

 I know this looks like nothing special, but let me say these were surprisingly moreish! If you are looking for a dish that doesn't merit a whole lot of spiciness, this is a top pick.  These soft rice cake rolls,  traditionally served as a Korean street food,  are deliciously chewy and doused in cheesy sauce. I'll be honest, It reminded me a little bit of my Cheese Whiz days ( processed cheese spread for those non-North Americans) but fortunately it didn't detract from the fact that it was VERY tasty and I would definitley order it again!














Seafood & Green Onion Pancake

YUM. This giant Korean pancake is ace! Although resembling a pizza, this Korean dish is nothing like the Italian favorite. With a chewy dough texture stuffed with seafood and scallions these dish will not disappoint. Not to mention when dunked in the dipping sauce... Whole new level. I will say it is a bit greasy and heavy so make sure you share it around the table.















Although traditionally a Japanese dish, this soup is ace. These thick chewy noodles are so yummy especially when combined with the meaty mushrooms. I LOVE udon.















Veg Dish

Okay these veg are GOOD. GET THEM.
















Korean BBQ Chicken

Yet another tasty dish! This slightly sweet chicken dish is not too saucy but perfect when accompanied with rice and veg.
















Spicy Tofu and Pork Hot Pot

This Spicy tofu and pork hot pot is AMAZING. The tender chunks of tofu in the spicy broth (although proclaimed spicy, it is definitely a level one or two on the spice scale) was divine! So flavourful and tasty! Not to mention delish when served with rice.  Would definitely order this dish again.

Overall Kowlooners, if you haven't hit up a Han Sung branch yet, well, YOU SHOULD. This restaurant is casual, affordable and SO yummy.

So on that note, you stay hungry Hong Kong!

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!