Kam Wah Cafe - 金華冰廳 Perfect Pineapple Buns

Friends, I'm just gonna say it how it is, if you have been living or visiting Hong Kong for more than well, a day, I have two words for you... Pineapple Buns. Although having nothing to do with pineapple (besides its crusty exterior resembling the tropical fruit) this simple bun stuffed with butter might be heaven on earth. Although it can be found in many Hong Kong store fronts and bakeries, that is not to say that all are made equal. One must be very selective in ensuring their buns are of the highest quality. Needless to say, Kam Wah Cafe is where it's at. Serving up fresh hot pineapple buns on the regular (seeing as they fly off the shelf), stuffed with a thick slice of butter, and a hot milk tea on the side? Like come on, whats not to love?


Pineapple Bun

Um yes please. Get in my belly right NOW. These buns were cooked perfectly. With the inside being a tiny bit doughy, and the top of the bun crispy and sweet, you will definitely not want to share this little guy with anyone... no but seriously.













Now if you're looking for an appetizer (if you will) for the pineapple bun, Kam Wah also serves up some killer Egg Tarts.


Egg Tart

Flaky crust and eggie interior, this is definitely a good classic! Not the best egg tart I've had  but still a delish treat and a good side kick to the pineapple buns.

At Kam Wah, they have a take away counter outside the shop making it the perfect way to grab a bun or pastry on your way to work. Now if you're looking to sit down, you won't want to miss this Hong Kong Style French Toast.














Hong Kong Style French Toast


Sandwiched with peanut butter, dunked in eggs, deep fried and topped with a big wack of butter and golden syrup, I can't guarantee that your heart wont stop then and there, but I can guarantee that you will love this divine treat!

Seeing as Kam Wah Cafe is a Hong Kong Style Tea restaurant, you will quickly come to the realization that the menu is all in Chinese... Never fear. Make friends, show a picture or just start pointing at plates as they fly by, because believe me, you wont want to miss out on this place!

Oh yeah, and don't forget to try one of their delicious hot or cold milk teas!

SO on that note, you stay hungry Hong Kong!

And remember... Your diet starts tomorrow!