8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana- Italian Food at the Galaxy Macau


Living in Asia, I can't say that my first inclination for dining out is for Italian food. Nothing against Italian food! I love Italian food, it's just that there are SO many good Asian restaurants that it just seems a bit wrong to be eating Italian food in the heart of Asia. Having taken a quick getaway to The Galaxy Hotel in Macau, we found ourselves dangled with the chance to dine at one of Macaus finest Italian restaurants. Challenge accepted. After raking in the big bucks playing roulette, let's just say we worked up an appetite. Upon arriving at the restaurant, we were quickly educated as to what the term "no slippers" meant in regards to dress code.... For those of you who associate slippers with fuzzy furry shoes worn inside your own personal home... Wrong. It's flip flops.... Don't be fooled. After FINALLY being allowed to enter into the restaurant wearing the forbidden "slippers" we were whisked inside for a fabulous taste of Italy. With attentive service and an interesting atmosphere, you'll find yourself forgetting about the shopping complex you just stepped out of moments before. With 3 Michelin stars sparkling beside chefs name, high prices and small portions, to say we had high expectations would be an understatement. Now Seeing that it was an Italian restaurant, it seemed only suiting that we order pasta.  We ordered the eggplant and olive ravioli, lobster risotto and the king crab linguini,and none of them disappointed. Served al Dente with simple ingredients perfectly combined to create gorgeous flavours and dishes we found ourselves savouring every bite.




Eggplant & Olive Ravioli

 My FAV of the three pasta dishes! Stuffed with creamy ricotta cheese and cooked to perfection  (not to mention fabulous sauce that wasn't overly olive-y), this one is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.













King Crab Linguini

Twirled into a lovely nest of pasta tossed in a light citrus sauce and topped with meaty chunks of crab, this dish was lovely from start to finish. If you're a seafood fan, you are bound to love this tasty dish.















Lobster Risotto

Now when the words lobster and risotto are used in the same line, my expectations become, well, exponential. That being the case, I found this dish a bit underwhelming. The sauce I found overtook the taste of the lobster. With it being served in a lobster bisque type sauce, I felt that the sauce could have been simper to enhance the lobster taste.














Now despite having ordered only pasta dishes, 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana enhanced our dining experience by serving a complimentary bread basket (okay fine, TWO complimentary bread baskets and yes we did eat them both)... a starter of Scallop Carpaccio topped with caviar and asparagus... a pre-dessert green apple mousse palate cleanser that was perfectly sour, sweet and oh so refreshing not to mention..

a variety of dessert tasters including lemon tarts, Turkish delight and CHOCOLATE!  With all the taste testers and palate cleansers, we felt like we were able to experience bits and pieces of the whole menu!.

To end the night, we knew we couldn't walk away without trying one of their gorgeous desserts. Naturally we vouched for the Millefoglie.

All I can say is YUM. Think flaky puff pastry, vanilla chantilly and strawberry sorbet. The puff pastry could have been a bit more flaky, but overall, delish! Accompanied with Italian coffee? Who could possibly complain?

Overall our meal at 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana was very nice. The prices were definitely high and the vibe a bit too pretentious for my liking, but I suppose that's fine dining for you. We were very impressed with the  service and complimentary dishes. We felt that the prices were acceptable based on the service (still a bit overpriced but none the less appropriate). So if you're looking for high end Italian food in Macau (or Hong Kong with a location in Central) this is definitely a good pick!

On that note, you stay hungry Hong Kong,

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!