What to Eat on Dundas Street- Mong Kok

With Hong Kong's notorious sky scrapers and city scape, believe me, it's inevitable that you will find yourself constantly craning your neck, well let me ground you for a minute, some of the most unique eats are found on the street. So don't miss it while having your head in the clouds and let me introduce you to the streets of Hong Kong.   What a glorious place to feast your eyes on many glorious eats while pondering what the other half of them are. With sights and scents hitting your from all different directions, believe me I understand that it can be exciting yet overwhelming. With wafting waffle scents to potent stinky tofu (okay VERY stinky tofu) there's no shortage of street eats to fill your bellies. With fully Chinese menus and a variety of  'who knows what' being deep friend, pan friend or BBQ'd, let's just say, it' s not always the easiest place for a foreigner to squeak in line and order in a civilized manor. As much as I would like to think I am willing to point and try any and all street meat without knowing what lie beyond the grease, well, let's just say, you can never be too sure what your getting! Seeing as I have been living here for seven months, I figured it was about time to see what the" word on the street" was about street food. Seeing as some of the best street food in Hong Kong lay on the other side of my doorstep, I really had no excuse to not give it a try.



Grilled Squid Tentacles 燒魷魚鬚

If you like squid, this is a must try! These chewy tentacles brushed with a sweet BBQ sauce are tasty and so fun to eat. Rubbery yet addictive, perfectly sauced and grilled to perfection you'll certainly be running back for more!

Get it at: 41 Dundas Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong













Lor Mai Chi燒又; Glutinous Dumpling with filling (top to bottom)  Mango芒果 , Chestnut栗子, Sweet Potato紫薯 , Durian榴連

These Lor Mai Chi (a variation of Japanese Mochi) are super yummy! With a slightly sweet and chewy outside and filled with a variety of flavors, this is a lovely treat on any day! My fav was the mango. Filled with a fresh piece of mango, the combination of the fresh fruit and the chewy outside was perfect. If you're looking for something not as sweet, the chestnut offers great flavor without the sugar rush. The sweet potato was a bit too bland and starchy for my liking and the durian was, well just a bit too 'durian-y' for me, not to mention I could smell it before even biting into it...

Get it at:G/F, Golden Era Plaza, Mong Kok, Hong Kong








Dual-flavoured egg puffs (peanut butter & banana) 雙拼雞蛋仔 - 花生醬 x 香蕉

  Now, in my books, its hard to go wrong with a Hong Kong style Egg Waffle. Frankly, its become a bit of a diet staple for me. From egg waffle sundaes to traditional egg waffles, lets just say I'm easy to please. This was no exception. This waffle was not as crispy as the others I've tried but nonetheless delicious. With banana chunks and peanut butter flavour baked inside, it was fluffy and delicious.

Eat With Me: Shop 8, G/F, Block 2, Tsui Yuen Mansion, No. 2-20 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong












If you're looking for what might be the BEST egg waffles town, definitely hit up Mammy Pancake! With a wide variety of egg waffle flavors including sesame, chocolate chip, matcha, sweet potato, chestnut and red bean not to mention their amazing condensed milk peanut butter waffle sandwich, this is definitely a shop you wont want to miss!

Condensed Milk Peanut Butter Waffle Sandwich

This is amazing, a fluffy waffle oozing with condensed milk, butter, sugar and peanut butter! What more could one ask for in this world! These waffles were fluffy, fresh and frankly amazing!





















Classic Egg Waffle

Mammy knows how to do it! Crispy on the outside fluffy on the inside and puff pieces that break off perfectly to pop in your mouth!










Matcha Egg Waffle (Left)  and Chocolate Chip Egg Waffle

 The original flavor is fabulous but if your lookin to spice things up, try the matcha or the chocolate chip flavor (SO GOOD)! Warning, be prepared for a cue, but trust me, it's worth the wait!

Get it at: Mammy Pancake 媽咪雞蛋仔, Shop G23, G/F, Young City Zone, 1 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong












Three Stuffed Treasures

Front Row (Left to Right) Egg plant茄子 , Anaheim Pepper尖椒 / Bell Pepper燈籠椒 ,Red Sausage 紅腸. These trio form 煎釀三寶

If you've walked by any street vendor, I'm sure you will have seen this trio glowing under the bright lights (okay it was probably the grease, but nonetheless, glowing)! The three treasure are made up of deep fried eggplant, peppers and sausage stuffed with minced fish meat. Personally I found them a bit too greasy, but the flavor was great! The minced fish meat added a nice salty and chewy element to this trio!

Get it at: 41 Dundas Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong











Fish Balls in Curry Sauce 咖哩魚蛋 and  Siu Mai燒賣  (yellow dumpling made of fish or pork meat)

Prior to arriving in Hong Kong, I had been told that the curry fish balls were not to be missed! Seeing as 7 months had passed and I had yet to try these little numbers, I figured, it was about time. These bite size balls are oh so yummy. Pop one in your mouth and you will see why they are one of the most popular street eats in HK! Although word on the street (get it?) is that these fish balls are not only made of fish, but lets just leave that stone unturned and enjoy these delightfully chewy  and curry balls. Now burried under the curry balls are the Siu Mai another dim sum classic turned street food. Although not as carefully crafted as your typical dim sum,  these street dumplings are still a must try! Typically made of fish or pork and made all the more delicious with a splash of curry sauce or chili oil, this is one nibble you won't want to miss!

Get it at:43 Dundas Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong









Coconut Juice 椰汁

Now if you're looking for the "King" of  Coconut juice in Hong Kong, look no further than King of Coconut. This delicious drink is made from coconut juice, coconut water, evaporated milk, water and sugar. If you like coconuts and you love frothy milk shakes, you will love this drink! Although not as thick as your typical milkshake, you'll most certainly enjoy this sweet frothy and creamy drink!

Get it at: G/F, Dundas Square, 43H Dundas Street,Mong Kok, Hong Kong











Stinky Tofu臭豆腐

I feel this one is pretty self explanatory. If you've ever made your way through Mong Kok, you won't have missed this signature scent. Smelling like a combination of rancid and sweaty feet,  I'm sure there isn't much enticing you to try it. Let me say the taste is better than the smell, but I realize that isn't saying much. If I'm being honest, I can say that I won't be trying this signature street classic again. Although the texture was nice with the crispy outside, the inside tasted a whole lot like bad breath. But who knows, maybe you will like it! Make sure you try it because, at least you'll know whether or not it is for you!

Get it at: 41 Dundas Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong











Half-Baked Cheese Tart (front)半熟芝士撻,  Half-Baked Taro Tart半熟芋頭撻

With a cheesy molten center these Half-Baked Cheese and Taro tarts should not be skipped! With a slightly sweet taste and the consistency of cheese cake, perfectly baked into a flaky crust and served warm you will be happy you took a pit stop at Candy Shake for one of these sweet treats.

Get it at:Candy Shake, 55 Dundas Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

So friends, next time you're out and about crusing the streets of Mong Kok, pull out your phone and show someone the picture and chinese name of what you want to try! Believe me you will be happy you did (unless it's the stinky tofu, that I can't guarantee) and so will your wallet! With the majority of the above eats being around 10-20HKD, this is a great way to eat cheap and embrace the HK culture from the street.

So Hong Kong, get out there and give it a try! Come on, you've got to try it at least once!

You stay hungry Hong Kong!

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!