MUST TRY Beijing Peking Duck- Mei Zhou Dong Po Restaurant 


Naturally when  arriving in Beijing you find yourself with a mandatory checklist of thing to do. Perhaps it's the Great Wall or the Forbidden City maybe even Chinese acrobats if you're feeling... adventurous for lack of a better word, but for those whose vacations tend to revolve around where and what to eat, you won't be surprised that naturally peking duck was at the top of my to-do list in Beijing. Now I'm usually not an advocate for chain restaurants as they tend to take away opportunities for standalone  restaurants to make their debut in this world, nonetheless when a restaurant is recommended and often attended by locals, you know they're doing something right. Mei Zhou Dong Po, is a very popular restaurant chain that can be found throughout Beijing. They have a variety of locations (6 locations actually to be exact) making it a wonderful stop for both tourists and locals depending on where you are situated within this ginormous city.

Upon arriving we were welcomed and whisked down a narrow corridor leading to a large dining room. Sitting amongst classic Chinese tables with a turning rack, we were ready to dive into our first "proper" Chinese meal on the mainland.We started with peanuts in vinegar (a Beijing classic) and made our way through a variety of dishes to follow! Eating everything from  marinated cucumber salad, spicy chicken, kung pao chicken and shrimp, soft tofu wok-fried in chili sauce and chili oil all leading up to the star of the night, Beijing Peking duck.


Peanuts in Vinegar

(Surprisingly moreish!)


















Kung Pao Chicken

Definitely one of my favs of the night! The sauce was delightfully sticky, sweet and spicy!  If you're a shrimp fan, the Kung Pao Shrimp is also amazing!















Spicy Chicken

If you can handle heat make sure you order this delightful dish! This chicken was cooked in a dry rub and accompanied with dried chilis! If you've ever had flaming hot Cheetos, it has the same affect where your mouth is on fire, yet you find yourself unable to stop eating the addictive dish!






Marinated Cucumber Salad

This cold dish had a refreshing affect during the meal. Not a "must order" but still a good option if you're looking to put out the fire in your mouth caused by the spicy chicken haha.














Soft Tofu in Chili Sauce

Loved this dish! This soft tofu absorbs the delicious flavors of the chili sauce. It's not too spicy and perfect on top rice.

















Bok Choy in Soy Sauce

Yummmmmm. Get them greens on your plate!














Beijing Peking Duck with Pancakes


AHHHHHMAZINGGGGGGGG. I am still lost for words as to why I have never had peking duck before! This delectable spread starts by table-side service slicing and dicing the whole roasted duck with immense precision.The sliced duck is served with thin steamed pancakes where you  spread a small spoon of hoisin sauce proceeding to place a piece of the duck meat dipped in a fermented bean sauce, another small piece of duck meet dipped in sugar then topped off with a crispy slice of duck skin. Next you top the duck with thinly sliced white scallions, cucumber and diced pickled crudites. Wrap this delectable pancake up and take a bite. You're welcome.

Whatever you do, don't leave Beijing without trying Peking Duck... You will not be allowed out of the country... Okay fine you will, but you shouldn't be ;)


You stay hungry!

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!