Find Your Passion


Now here I am finding myself getting sentimental. It has officially and fully been six months since moving WAY over the Rocky Mountains (where I call home). Although it has been a a big move, I find myself coming to the realization that moving west of the Rockies has been a common pattern in my past. Having grown up in Calgary, Canada, the Rocky Mountains were always readily available at my door step. My first move over these delightful mountains was when I attended University in British Columbia, it seemed only natural to carry on this pattern with a further jaunt over the Pacific to Hong Kong. With this anniversary needing to be well, celebrated, I find myself reminiscing about how I ended up here.  Although I would like to proclaim that I am a long term "planner" with 1,5 and 10 year goals in line.... I'm not. Not even knowing what I am doing today or tomorrow or in fact the next day, I have realized that this planning (or lack there of) is a pattern that shows up quite frequently in my life. When deciding to move to Hong Kong, the decision was made approximately 4 weeks prior to the big move... (Basically just enough time to get my work visa processed). I'd love to tell you that I had my sights set on Hong Kong for years, when truth be told, prior to about 3 months before the big move, I didn't even know if Hong Kong was a country or a city (to be fair, the history of Hong Kong and China is quite complicated, but the point is, it wasn't even on my radar). Upon graduating University, my big plans were to try and get a contract in Europe to play professional volleyball. Having had volleyball as my identity for the past 10 years, it seemed only natural that pro was the next step. With months of, well, crickets, it was clear that I would have to put something else in place....

...Insert becoming an English teacher. Now it must be noted that in applying for this job, I must have spell checked about 1000 times seeing as I am still incapable of spelling the word definitely... (among many other English essentials.) Before I knew it I was on my way to Hong Kong. Now, what it was exactly that inspired me to move across the pond? I'm not totally sure. Perhaps it was just a need for adventure or having actually hit a point in my life where nothing was holding me in one place, so naturally, you look at the map, and choose. No research was done, but rather I followed my heart to a place that has aided in finding myself.

I know.. really? "Finding yourself?" Could I be more cliché? Well yes I probably could, but I'll spare you. Having left my family and friends behind, tears STREAMING down my Mother's face at the airport (I may have shed one or two as well but Shhhhh) I was ready to see what this one way ticket would have in store! With my life packed... okay sorry, SHOVED into a bag (okay fine... THREE MASSIVE bags..) I knew that I was about to step into a world of a whole lot of firsts. First time spending Christmas without my family, first time living in a city where no English is in fact NOT the first language and first time moving to a city without knowing a single person. Fortunately the last one was quick to change, but the others remained, well daunting at times. With a new culture and new city to see and experience, it was safe to say that a whole lot of our endeavours (yes OUR, seeing as I did in fact make friends) revolved around FOOD!

Now growing up I have ALWAYS loved any and all things food. Cooking, baking, grocery shopping, eating if it involved food, I was in!  So as you can imagine, I quickly discovered why Hong Kong is one of the greatest food cities in the world! With access to some of the most visually appealing and delightfully delicious foods I had ever had, I started to document my favourite food moments to share with my family and friends back home. I soon became obsessed with finding, trying, photographing and blogging about fabulous food.

This hobby of mine quickly brought light to the life and career passion I had been looking for. I don't know exactly what this path looks like, but all I know, is that it's a direction I want to keep going in.

With what was once a move in pursuit of adventure and following my heart, I now find myself reminded that everything happens for a reason. Work hard. Do what you love and the rest will follow. Let your passions lead you.

And remember... Your diet starts tomorrow!