Come Buy- BEST Passion Fruit Bubble Tea


Disclaimer, this post may ruin Starbucks Passion Tea lemonade for you from here on out. If you are perfectly content with where you and Starbucks stand, I suggest you read no further.  So Starbucks lovers, who hasn't heard of a passion tea Lemonade? We've all heard of Starbucks notorious Passion Tea Lemonade. This seemingly perfect summer staple has been poppin up in our lives since, well, as long as I can remember. Now having moved to Asia, I find myself surrounded by yes Starbucks but also a variety of tea shops (I know, you're surprised). Hot tea, cold tea, milk tea, bubble tea, let's just say if it contains the word tea, there's a couple of options... With tea shops lining my walk to and from, well, everywhere, I find myself constantly giving in and sippin tea like a local. I've had my fair share of Hong Kong style milk tea with bubbles, coffee jelly, hot or cold let's just say I'm always willing to try a new tea. Now coming from Canada, I would most certainly claim that I have had my fair share of days as a Starbucks snob. I know, how very white girl of me, but it's true. Who can argue a Venti extra hot half sweet no foam skinny white chocolate mocha on a cold winter day or a fruity grande light ice half sweet passion tea lemonade on a scorching Canadian summer day ...(also known as HK winter). In my eyes, there was no replacement for my had crafted custom Starbucks sip. Well, let me say, a lot has changed since my move to Asia...


With the option of choosing the level of ice, the percentage of sweetness, and then well, one of the MANY tea drinks, Come Buy has loads to offer. Dragged to Come Buy by a friend vowing it to be the cream of the crop of tea shops in HK, I'll admit, I knew I would be a tough critic. As she sipped on her beloved Ceyon tea with Milk Foam, I vouched for the CQ passion drink. This is the passion fruit tea filled with lychee and coconut jelly and boboa . This was not your average Shaken Passion Tea Lemonade I'll tell you that.








Now if snacking while drinking (literally) isn't your your thing you can get this beautiful drink without the jelly and boba, it's simply called the Passion Fruit Tea! This drink was oh so fresh and beyond thirst quenching. Practically having skipped the whole way home, I couldn't wait to inform my roommate of this profound discovery. No longer would we be paying double the price for the Starbucks wanna be, we found the real slim shady of Passion fruit Teas, and believe me. It stood up.

Happy sipping Hong Kong!

And remember... your diet starts tomorrow.