Pirata- Boozy Brunch in Wan Chai


So yes, some of us call it "Valentine's Day". We tend to love it or hate it. As the seasons change as do our methods of celebrating. Some years its reenacting TheNotebook where as others tend to consist MAINLY in eating your body's weight in chocolate, crying through Nicholas Sparks' novels or, my new personal favourite, finding fab brunch with bestie and drinking to the real loves of our lives...Italian food.  Let's be serious, whose heart has ever been broken by parmesan barrels, fried mozzarella sandwiches or free flow prosecco. Come on girls, tall dark and handsome can't fill that meatball shaped hole in your heart. We all know he will never be as sweet as gelato. Stop trying girls. It's time to pursue your true love. Pirata. Pirata is a gorgeous Italian restaurant located in the heart of Wan Chai. They offer a fabulous weekend brunch that will make your heart flutter (not to mention the option of adding free flow prosecco, bellinis or sparkling wine for $180HKD)! With big windows and views of the city from the 30th floor, Pirata will most certainly sweep you off your feet!

Okay so, Valentines Day may not be a big deal to you, not to worry, Pirata needs no special occasion to be enjoyed! The arrival of a weekend is celebration enough! Now I know perhaps a waffle free Saturday isn't your idea of starting the day off right, but trust me after dining and delighting in Pirata's set brunch menu of Eggplant Parmigiana, Asparagus Flan and finished off with a spread of divine desserts, you won't be wallowing over any waffle.


SO... About that free flow menu...WOW.

Having been the first to arrive for the start of the Brunch Menu, I will tell you that were quick to cling our glasses and brake in that beautiful antipasta buffet. We stacked our plates high with rustic breads (dunked in olive oil and vinegar, naturally) fresh salads, Italian cold cuts and of course...
















Who could possibly be angry while nibbling on parmesan cheese from a barrel?


















One word for you. Proscuitto.

The Salad Bar


Okay, so I know this salad bar is simple, but with the menu to follow believe me, you don't want to get sucked into the trap of filling up on bread.... Not that I know what that is like...  Despite its simplicity these salads combined fresh ingredients and flavors to make them a lovely start to the meal. This pasta salad was glorious, perfectly done fresh pasta topped off with vine ripe tomatoes and drizzled with oil and fresh herbs. Amazing.

After staying calm cool and collected with this simple start we were romanced by not one, not two, but three studly Italian appies!

First up, Bachelor One:


My Mamma's Meatballs

Pirata definitely knows how Mama does it. These pork and beef meatballs were saucy and divine! Finished off with a gorgeously fresh tomato and basil sauce and drizzled with olive oil, this was definitely a good start and a strong candidate for appie bachelor one!














Next up:

Asparagus Flan

This picture does not do this glorious dish justice. This flan was oh so smooth knocking us flat off our feet. The asparagus gave it a lovely flavor and topped with the Parmesan cheese fondue the whole thing just melts in your mouth. Bravo Pirata, Bravo.















The Appetizer Bachelor finale:

Fried Mozzarella Sandwich

You heard me. This sassy sandwich was simple but satisfying. Ooey gooey fresh mozzarella oozed out with every bite. If you love cheese, this might just be the boyfriend you've been looking for!














The Main Courses:

Tagliatelle with Summer Black Truffle

If you're anything like me, when I see anything with the word "truffle", I come running. This was no exception. This linguine was lightly tossed in shallot and butter sauce and topped with shaved black truffle. Omnomnomnomnom. No sauciness going on here but definitely a divine dish.














Eggplant Parmigiana

Buffalo mozzarella, deep-fried eggplant, Italian Food... Must I go on?

People, is there such thing as being too full for dessert? We all know dessert has its own stomach. Come on ask any 5-year-old and trust me, they'll back me up.















Crushed Chocolate and Dried Nuts Semifredo:

Pirata definitely did not disappoint with their desserts! Both were lovely and not overly sweet. The Crushed Chocolate and Dried Nuts Semifredo was a lovely frozen dessert with a light mousse like texture. Topping the Semifredo with sightly bitter dark chocolate, made for the perfect spoonful of rich chocolaty flavor without taking over this light fluffy frozen treat.














Panna Cotta with Raspberry Coulis:

This was definitely the fan favorite.The creamy panna cotta topped with the sweet aromatic flavor of the raspberries made this dish a wonderful end to a delightful brunch.

Having chatted, chomped and cheersed our way through a delightfully successful Valentine's Day, let's just say we won't be looking for any romantic reenactment any time soon. Pirata, thanks for the gorgeous atmosphere, honest italian food and a brunch menu that kicks a**.

Well Hong Kong Heart Throbs, looks like you've got some competition on the table. If I can offer you any advice, don't take your girl to Pirata, it will totally steal her heart.

But anyways, you stay Hungry!


And remember... Your diet starts tomorrow!