MANA! Fast Slow Food- Fav Healthy Joint


Hong Kong, lets get real. We live life in the fast lane. From our first sip of coffee and stretch of the legs to the moment we hit the pillow, there is no slow lane. Now this is all great when it comes to livin large,  but somewhere along the way, compromise hits. SOwhat takes your first hit? Gym? Boyfriend? Social life? Or diet...? Living life on the go definitely brings out our closet McDonalds addictions and our desperate desires for Dim Sum and quick eats consisting of carbs, carbs and well maybe a side of... carbs. With healthy options often unknown while cruising at full speed, we tend to check our health at the door and steer towards convenience. Well they do say you can't have your cake and eat it too... Well friends, it appears that you can!  If you're looking for healthy DELICIOUS lunch (or dinner) that is fast, fresh and oh so FABULOUS check out MANA! Fast Slow Food. Oh and did I mention, it wont break the bank? Yeah, you should be sold! MANA is a place providing a healthy alternative to fast food shops. They are eco-friendly and offer wholesome meal options suited for vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free preferences and many raw and local eats. MANA's menu consists mostly of a wide variety of wraps! The wraps are made to order and provide customers with the options of creating their own using a variety of fresh delicious ingredients or choosing one of MANA's delicious Signature Wraps! When ordering a wrap you can choose either a full or half wrap depending on your peckish level. MANA also offers a delicious Salad Box as well! You can choose from any of their 5 beautiful salads (kale, rice and quinoa, pumpkin spinach and haloumi, mixed greens or chickpea salad)  to fill either a full or half box! All wraps and salads can be made a combo by choosing a fresh in store made juice, soup of the day or fries. This is no regular salad options people, these salads are gorgeous and make me want to eat salad EVERY DAY. Like seriously how often do you get cravings for salad?


MANA Green Juice with Customized Wrap

This photo was taken from my first time at MANA. Need I say, I have only been there about well I can't even count the number of times since. This green juice is fabulous and an awesome way to get in your daily dosage of fruit and veg! This juice consists of apple, celery, kale and green bell peppers! This glorious wrap was filled with baba ganoush, slow roasted tomatoes, haloumi, portabello mushrooms and of course kale!









MANA Sun Juice and Salad Box

Folks prepare yourself. This box is going to turn you into a straight up salad snob! This delightful box was stuffed (literally) with quinoa and rice salad, kale salad, and pumpkin spinach with haloumi salad. It's amazing! Do your tastebuds and your body a favor! The Sun Juice consisted of apples, carrots and ginger. Personally the ginger was a bit strong for my taste, but would definitely be appreciated when needing an extra kick to fight off those winter colds!













Burger and Salad Box

This delightful burger was a wonderful change up to my usual salad or wrap (and no, its not because I was sick of either of those two delightful things). This burger was stuffed with haloumi, tofu, roasted veggies, portebello mushrooms, pickled cucumber finished off with a fried egg all in a spelt bun. This was absolutely fabulous. The flavours worked together perfectly, making me a very happy camper after a long day of work! Not to mention I finished it off with a delightful Killa Cookie!

MANA is located in Central close to Midlevels at 92 Wellington Street. MANA is a 6 minute walk from Central MTR Station!

Don't have time for a jaunt to Central? Say no more-MANA delivers! Check out MANA's delivery partners to see if your area is eligible for delivery! My roommate and I ordered MANA through last night (which was life changing)! Your required to order a minimum of $150HKD worth of food,(which with two people is no problem!) You can pre-order and schedule your delivery time! We paid $180HKD for two full wraps and an $18HKD delivery fee (which may I add is cheaper than had we gone to pick it up with MTR costs). Overall we were very happy homebodies munchin on MANA and saving money!

MANA! Fast Slow Food- Delivery Partners:

When my roommate and I are looking for some healthy eats there is no question about where we will be going... I suggest you do the same.

Happy Lunching friends! Keep livin life in the fast lane!

And remember... Your diet starts tomorrow!