Cong Sao Star Dessert


Okay dieters, we all know that when someone "asks" if we want dessert, theres a certain protocol required in answering. We look at our watch, glance around the room, wait the appropriate amount of time, then finally, we look at each other and say... "What do you think?" .... Now in reality, we all know we're just waiting to see if our friends are thinking the same thing as us... Which is DUH obviously I want dessert. When someone asks me if I "want" dessert, well, lets just say I don' t think that question warrants a response. Now fortunately, over the many years I have been placed on this earth I have learned a thing or two about making friends. The first thing is, are they my size so that I can steal their clothes? The second thing is, do they DO dessert? People... non-negotiables aren't only for dating relationships. Choose your friends wisely. Upon my many dining adventures with my lovely local Hong Kong friends, we've gotten to a point where dessert is no longer a question but rather a "non-negotiable" if you will. Fortunately for me, these two know food like the back of their hand! They know the ins and outs of where to eat and where NOT to eat- equally as important. Together we have dined on dim sum, hot pot, dumplings and of course DESSERT. During one of our many lovely lunch dates, we happened to finish our Vietnamese feast off with a visit to one of Hong Kong's most popular and most famous dessert restaurants. Cong Sao Star Dessert. Now, opening the menu, I was completely lost. In Canada, our dessert shops consist of Dairy Queen (an ice cream chain), Tim Hortons (a doughnut and coffee shop) and well, basically anything that consists of equal proportions of butter to sugar. As you can see, we like things sweet. So you can imagine my surprise opening a dessert menu of tofu pudding, icy desserts and Cantonese dessert soups. I was ready to experience dessert on a whole other level! My lovely friends took the reigns and ordered a delightful spread of interesting and unique desserts that I will definitely be returning to have again!


Sweet Sesame & Walnut Soup

This was absolutely lovely! This sweet thick soup consisted of sweetened ground walnuts and sesame seeds. It went down so smoothly and is a perfect dessert to stay warm in the winter! I'll admit, upon its arrival, I had my doubts.  It's rare for a Canadian dessert to come un-"iced", un- "sauced"or un-"ice creamed", but believe me, this soup has completely opened my very closed dessert mind to a whole new level of delicious!








Icy Longan with Sago


This is one of Cong Sao Star's most famous desserts. For those unfamiliar with longan, (which I was as well before trying this dish) it is very similar to lychee in taste and texture but is just a bit less juicy. Longan gave this icy treat a lovely flavor and the sago pearls onto made this dish light and refreshing!


Durian Shave ice with Sago

Durian....yes you heard me correctly. Upon my move to Asia, I vowed that when dining with friends and locals there would be nothing that I wouldn't try. Now us foreigners, we seem to have a hard time wrapping our heads around durian. If anyone has walked by this porcupine looking fruit in the supermarket, it's hard to forget. With looks resembling that of a weapon and a smell that stings from miles away, it's hard to imagine bringing it anywhere near ones mouth. Now, preconceptions behind me, I was ready to try this popular delicacy from Cong Sao Star! I'll admit, the smell had me nervous but come on, a vows a vow! First bite down...the honest truth ... it was lovely. Very refreshing, much like the icy longan and sago, but it had more of a mango taste! If your up for venturing out and trying something new, give this dish a shot!



Almond Tea

Now this was amazing! Made of crushed almonds and egg whites, it had a thick soup like texture that was perfectly sweet without taking over the creamy almond taste. This warm creamy dessert appears too simple to be delicious, but believe me it doesn't require any bells or whistles to make it insta worthy! This dessert kept me licking my lips and will keep me coming back for more!

So all you dessert doers, DO go to Cong Sao Star dessert. With it only serving desserts, I promise there will be no stupid questions asked. The only question will be how many... ;)

As always, stay hungry Hong Kong!

And remember... Your diet starts tomorrow!