Vietnamese Coffee


Now where my coffee addicts at? Lets be honest we all know there is nothing better than that beautiful smell first thing in the morning. When my alarm goes off, I am reminded of the sayings from which I live by... particularly, “but first.. coffee”. I mean come on, we all know what we like. Some may call us snobs, but I say we just have good taste ;) . Fellow coffee lovers, I know we’ve all caught ourselves daydreaming of the “perfect cup”. Quaint cafes, perfectly frothed and steamed milk with a uniquely beautiful heart on top just dying to be drunk (and I mean maybe a hipster tune or two playing in the background). But fellow addicts, I think it might be time for us to toss our preconceptions out the window and welcome with wide arms the beauty that is Vietnamese coffee. Having just returned from a gorgeous 4-day trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, I did my best to bring back the full coffee report. I kept my caffeine levels at a high, my sleep levels at a low and my stomach at a constant full, I mean what else could we ask for really?

Now now, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Vietnamese style coffee (or as the Vietnamese call it Ca Phe da), it is a course ground, dark coffee grown in Vietnam that is brewed in a small French drip filter atop a cup containing condensed milk. So as you can imagine, I drank give or take 5 a day. I mean with Vietnamese style coffee being found on every street corner, and when I say street corner, I mean STREET CORNER. Who could say no? I mean I know It may be hard for us café lovers to embrace the joys of sitting stool side on the busy streets as mopeds constantly wiz by, but there is definitely beauty to be found in the buzz that Hanoi has to offer while sipping our beloved caffeine front row center.

Being the Vietnamese Food lover that I am, I have to admit this was not my first time trying Vietnamese style coffee but it was my first time trying the real deal, and let me tell you, it was DEFINITELY something to write home about (literally ;) ). During my stay in Hanoi, I sipped on a delightful array of Vietnamese style coffees.

Dosage 1:


Iced Vietnamese Style Coffee

After trekking the streets upon arrival, we were determined to find this delectable delicacy before the night was over, finally after a few no's (apparently most places had progressed onto cocktails) we found what we had set out for. The coffee was strong, but full of body, it was perfect on ice and had just the right about on condensed milk. After our first official Vietnamese style coffee, we knew that this was just the beginning.











Dosage 2:

Brew Coffee (with some added condensed milk... of course)


So really theres not much to say... except. I advise as well as I don't advise you EVER adding condensed milk to your coffee.... Its a hard habit to break...

Dosage 3:


 Iced Coconut Milk with Coffee (Cốt dùa cà phê)

While, this was absolutely phenomenal! The coconut milk was perfectly sweet, topped with Vietnam coffee (of course). It was so refreshing and had this frappucino type texture (without the overpowering syrup aftertaste that I have often experienced in my frappuccino days). To add to this gorgeous coffee, we sat on stools in what felt like Paris. We sat and sipped looking out onto Saint Joseph's Cathedral while the valet parked what seemed like an endless amount of mopeds. We sipped this delightful drink at Cong. If you're in Hanoi, please do yourself the pleasure of partaking in an experience at this delightful cafe.











Dosage 4:

Hot Vietnamese Style Coffee


There it is. That shining silver canister containing gorgeous grinds, creating that traditional coffee I had in mind. Now believe me when I say, this was delightful. Fortunately I have experienced this lovely site a time or two upon my Vietnamese eats both in Hong Kong and in Canada, but there was something special about it hitting my table while cruising through the stunning Halong Bay. I sat, sipped, sighed and saw sights.

Dosage 5:


Vietnamese "Egg Coffee" (Ca Phe Trung)

Now, this was a complete first. Being the brunch girl that I am, I will be the first to admit I'm all for good eggs and good coffee, but it's not often that I find myself mixing the two... If ever. Until now I suppose! While friends, this is the beloved Vietnamese "Egg Coffee". I'm sure your confused... I was equally as confused, but of course I had to try it out! Egg Coffee, is Vietnamese coffee topped with sweet creamy meringue like egg whites. It was lovely and sweet, but I had a hard time getting past the scrambled egg smell. It is definitely worth trying, but I think I am going to have to stick to the traditional Vietnamese Coffee, its just too dang good!


Dosage 6:


Vietnamese Coffee with Coconut and Milk

As I awaited for my gate number to be called, it was only natural that I squeeze in one last sip of the real deal. This coffee with Vietnamese style coffee filled with coconut and milk. It was lovely, and believe me, the Vietnamese are onto something with this whole coconut in coffee thing.

So Vietnam, all I can say, is you keep doing what you're doing. Us coffee snobs are going to have to get with the times, and frankly probably take a wee jet off to Vietnam.

Coffee lovers, you stay thirsty,

And remember... Your diet starts tomorrow!