Catch on Catchick- Kennedy Town Brunch


BRUNCH.One drop of that word, my ears perk straight up and like a dog I come running. There's no twisting of the arm or dragging me out the door to attend such an event. I just need to hear the "B" word and I am full steam ahead. With most of my mornings consisting of gobbling granola on the go, when a day of opportunity arrives (aka the weekend) my mind and my mouth take me down a very similar road. Only having two days a week with the option of brunching (yes it is a verb now) I feel it is ones responsibility to choose wisely. Allow me to introduce you to your new brunch best friend...


I'm telling you. It was love at first site. Adorable restaurant, fresh juices and a brunch menu that kicks a**.

And so it begins. We started by sipping on fresh juice:


Beetroot-Apple Juice & Cucumber-Spinach-Apple Juice

This juice was lovely. SO refreshing and such a clean start to the day. The Cucumber-Spinach-Apple Juice wasn't too sweet and a nice side to sip on throughout the brunch. If you don't like cucumber, steer clear.  The beetroot was also delicious. The combination between the beetroot and the apple made it a bit more sweet than the Cucumber-Spinach-Apple Juice so if you have a sweet tooth like I do, pick that one.











Next up...


Caprese Eggs:

It is now socially acceptable to eat a caprese salad for breakfast! Let the celebrations begin! I know I know, you didn't think caprese salad could get any better... While you clearly haven't tried it with perfectly runny yolks or soft chewy bread. These  poached eggs were perfect on top of sourdough bread (I substituted for multigrain) but none the less delicious.








Now for the show stopper...

Big Bad Ben:


Poached eggs, bacon, avocado, hash browns, chorizo, hollandaise & chili oil. Basically what I'm saying is that Big Bad Ben took Eggs Benedict to a whole new level. This was absolutely fabulous - perfectly spicy with the chorizo and chili oil hollandaise  -  perfectly crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside hashbrowns. Now here's an issue I have with brunch. 99% of the time I want avocado all of the time ;) . SO you can imagine when I saw this beauty on the menu it was naturally calling my name. Of all the dishes I have tried at Catch this is by far my favorite! It is definitely a must try!

To finish...

The Granola Cup:


This was a lovely end to a BEAUTIFUL brunch. This delicious granola was topped with yogurt, mixed berry compote and dried mango. Yummmmmmmm.

Overall from the multiple times I have and will visit Catch on Catchick, I am reminded why I keep coming back. With an extensive brunch menu, there are endless things to try and I know it is my "duty" to keep everyone informed ;) ....Oh yeah and I love brunch.. Did I mention that already?

Anyways, here's to happy brunching!

And remember... Your diet starts tomorrow!