Yum Cha- Most Instagramable Dim Sum

SO here's a glimpse of how my brain works. Thursday night. Torrential downpour.  I miraculously drag myself to hot yoga... I know I know, I'm that girl. Lemme stop you right there. I'm not. My inflexible qualities and inability to clear my mind make yoga a perfect time to throw my zen out the window and let my mind freely wander. SHOCKINGLY I find myself day dreaming about my upcoming date to Yum Cha with my roommate! Anyone who has ever searched the hashtag #dimsum has surely stumbled upon the world of "Yum Cha".  I mean who wouldn't double tap properly puffed pork bun pigs? Or gush over oozing custard buns? If you've seen anything Yum Cha, believe me, its hard to ignore! Naturally, I felt it was my dimsumdiet duty to hit this happening place! Now being the foodie that I am, I can easily get blind sighted by beauty, (or in this case, cuteness!) but walking in with a cleared head (thanks to my yoga ;) ) I was ready to give Yum Cha my absolute unbiased verdict!

Upon arriving at Yum Cha, giddy as can be, I was instantly thrilled with the atmosphere. Felt like walking into an adorably hipster cafe. We're talking hanging bird cages and porcelain fish "swimming around" our serving bowls. Good start.

....Food hits the table. Eeeekkk! My heart and my camera are instantly happy. I mean how often in your life have you ever drooled and awed over your food at the same time And I mean Like REALLY AWEDDD?

First thing to arrive,


Crispy Pineapple Puffs:

These were delectable. For anyone who has ever had a proper Taiwanese Pineapple cake can definitely taste the similarities between the two. These adorable creatures served in a bird cage (yes, you heard me) have a chewy pineapple jam filling that is perfectly sweet. The bird has a flaky shortbread texture making it absolutely perfect.













Next up,


Chili Pork Dumplings:

One word... Tasty! Definitely a must order.

















Organic Kale with Garlic:

I love kale! This was no exception! Perfectly flavoured and not overcooked. IF you're looking to get some sort of greens on your plate during this dim sum delight, this is the one to do it with!








Seared Chinese Pancakes:


So flaky! For anyone that has tried these pancakes before know that they tend to very between too doughy or too greasy. These were absolutely lovely! Loved dipping them in the chilli sauce that came with the dumplings.

And now for the main attraction!


BBQ Piggy Buns:

Okay so i'm just gonna state the obvious. Theses are way too adorable. And YES they do taste as good as they look! The pork filling is delicious and the bun is so soft and fluffy! It would be a true crime coming to Yum Cha without plopping these prime piglets on your plate!















Hot Custard Buns:


SO these are amazing! These sweet buns are filled with piping hot sweet egg yolk custard! Such a fun spin on a Hong Kong fav Lau Sa Bao (Moving Sand Bun). Good luck not googling over these googly eyes. ;)

Now, after a meal like this, who could deny the chance of seeing the desert menu... And then ordering from the desert menu. And then obviously freaking out.... again!

Green Tea Cookie Sago with Strawberry Candy Floss, Pistachio White Chocolate, Sesame Chocolate Balls:


No, your eyes are not deceiving you, our desert was served on dry ice... Yes I lost my cool (as if I hadn't already). The Sesame chocolate balls were deliciously warm and doughy filled with hot melted chocolate. The Pistachio white chocolates were also GORG with a hard chocolate shell filled with soft chocolate inside. Now, the Green Tea and Cookie Sago with Strawberry Candy floss was beautiful, felt like I stepped into a carnival! The candy floss was amazing, but the sago was a bit too green "tea-y" for my taste, will definitely be trying the mango sago on my next visit to Yum Cha.

All I can say is that Yum Cha you did NOT disappoint  Thank you for making food delightfully delicious!

Until we meet again,

You stay hungry Hong Kong!

And remember...

Your diet Starts tomorrow!