Greenberry Snack Delivery


Okay so I just have to say it. I LOVE my mom. She is seriously the best. I know everyone says that but I'm sorry – I do actually win on this one. My mom is absolutely brill in many ways but a particularly special quality is that, hands down, she is the most talented gift giver. This is a serious skill in a world full of gift cards and sickly sweaters. Gift cards are great, but there's something about receiving a gift that you know was practically designed for you to love (Insert Greenberry, but bare with me for one more minute). Now am I right or am I right in saying that there are few things worse than opening a gift that looks like it got picked up last minute at the gas station on the way home (reference to multiple highly useful toolkits I have received and use Well lucky for me, my mom does the majority of the gift shopping. She knows what I want even before I do, and then I’m left questioning how I ever lived without it. Despite spending my first Christmas away from my family this year, let me say, there was no impact on the quality of shopping done by my lovely mother. Not only was she sure to send me all my fav trinkets from home (David's Tea, a 2016 planner from Erin Condren, reasonably priced Lululemon gear, and of course salted caramel chocolates from Purdy's) but her practicality and gift ingenuity  came to life upon her idea of purchasing me a subscription to the Greenberry All-Natural Snack boxes delivered once a month!

(See, even my mom knows that the most direct way to my heart is through food!)

Now in a world full of rice and noodles (Hong Kong) finding healthy snacks is not always as easy as one would hope. Being a teacher, I find myself dippin out on my afternoon breaks to scoop up a pack of Hi-Chews to kick my sweet tooth, because without the option to munch on something healthy AND tasty my hands are tied. Now let me be clear this is not a complaint because I mean who in their right minds could diss Hi-Chews? But in a city of endless foodporn I find myself trying to maintain some sort of balance. I mean the way I look at it, my diet is like my bank account... The more calories I save the more I can spend later ;) . So needless to say Greenberry has been an absolute savior!

My Greenberry box is delivered right to my office every month. This means I'm set for snacks! Its a perfect way to nix my afternoon McNuggets and nibble on a tasty and healthy treat. My current favourites are the snack packs of almond butter from Barney Butter! They come in a variety of flavours including cocoa & coconut, crunchy, raw & chia, vanilla bean & espresso etc. From the ones I've tried, I loved the crunchy as well as the cocoa & coconut! They're absolutely perfect for my pre-workout snack! Seeing as I squeeze my daily workout in on my lunch break, I just grab a snack pack and a banana and mow down on my way to the gym. #gains. My other favourite treats are the Raw Chocolate Mulberries from The Raw Chocolate Co. They are super delicious and totally hit the spot when my chocolate cravings are at an all time high!

Now I'm usually not a fan of coconut water, but you must try the Coconut Water & Mango by Chi. It's perfect! Definitely the push I needed to overcome my coconut water boycot!

5 Reasons to try Greenberry:

1. Who doesn't love getting packages?

2. Enables you to try before you buy!

3. Provides perfect fast healthy snacks for those who are on the go... (so yeah everyone in Hong Kong).

4. You can subscribe to  one month, 3 months or 6 months of packages, if you try it after one month and hate it (which you won't) there's no strings attached! Although if you do wish to stop after your allocated package, make sure you still cancel it because it will automatically renew!

5. Ladies, from what I've been told, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels (whoever came up with that, clearly has never had a cruffin... ). So why not give it a shot! You're in charge of how you feel.

So on that note, stay healthy and remember...Your diet starts tomorrow!